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    Unable to open .ts files

    Hello, my environment: VideoReDo TVSuite Nov 14 2011 Windows 8.1 64-bit I try to edit ts-files from a Xoro HRT 8720 PVR. In some rare cases (depending from the TV-station which transmitted the stream) I am able to open the ts-file, but generally VR fails with the error message "This...
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    DVD with 2 titles and menu

    Hi, I still have problems to create a DVD with 2 titles and a menu to select the title to be played though I studied the "How to's". I have one single mpg-file where I want to cut let's say 5 minutes at the beginning, 3 minutes in the middle (and 10 minutes at the end). I'm running scene mode. I...
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    Not able to create a (playing) DVD with TV Suite

    Hi! My first attempt to use the TV Suite after upgrading from Redo Plus was not really successful. This is what I did: 1) I recorded a TV-Program with Terratec Home Cinema which creates an MPEG2 file. 2) I loaded this mpg-file into TV Suite to remove the ads and saved that as an mpg-file. 3) I...
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