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    Original TS plays fine, after authoring to DVD huge sync / jerky play problem.

    Hi, I recorded a movie with my Humax ihdr 5200C DVB PVR. The resulting .TS file can be played in VRD/PowerDVD/Nero Showtime/WMP without any problems. However after authoring to DVD (even without edits/cuts), A/V goes progressively out of sync and the movie plays jerky (no artifacts, but small...
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    Questions DVDsubedit

    Hello, I have been working on editing subtitles extracted from a .ts file bij ProjectX. I need to retime the whole subtitle stream which I know is possible in DVDsubedit. However, after remuxing everything (to DVD) the problem is when jumping to a certain chapter, the subtitle is not displayed...
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    When to use QuickStream Fix?

    When is it advisable to use Quickstream Fix? In other words, when I have a .ts stream, is it wise to run this first through Quickstream Fix before editing/converting (to DVD including subtitling using ProjectX), or should I only do this If i run into problems (and what problems could that be)...
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    Convert .ts to DVD including subtitle

    Who can help me with the following: I want, after cutting, to convert a .ts file (SD) to DVD format, but keep at least one subtitle (DVB-C or if not possible teletext). Is this possible using the latest VideoRedo H.264 which I use? I know it is possible to keep subtitling info when saving the...
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