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    Save log of output window

    Yes, the info from the dialog
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    Save log of output window

    Is it possible to add an option to save this info to a log file ?
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    Errors in VRD output

    I use ffmpeg to check my tv recordings for errors: ffmpeg -hide_banner -hwaccel auto -v level+info -i "D:\input.ts" -f null - 2>"D:\input.ts.log" Sometimes after processing them with VRD (removing the commercials, in smart mode) and checking the output with the above command, I get this...
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    Avoid frames removal

    Is it possible to prevent VRD from removing any audio and video frames when cutting ? I want to keep all frames intact no matter if they are damaged or not. I changed this option "Detect / resync missing frames" to "Ignore", but it had no effect.
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    align audio to video

    Let's say we have one of the following cases: 1) Audio starts before video 2) Audio finishes after video 3) Both of the above I want to trim the audio without removing any video frames so the audio starts and ends at the same time as the video and both streams have equal duration. Is...
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    Playback issues with WMP

    File: Name : H:\sample.vrdcut.ts Size : 0.481 GB Duration : 00:05:31.04 Mux type : TS Stream TS mux...
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    Playback issues with WMP

    I decided to give a VideoReDo a try.. After I cut out the commercials from my tv recordings, some of them are lagging heavly while playing in Windows Media Player (the source files play fine). With other players they play fine. If I remux them afterwards with ffmpeg, keeping the timestamps and...
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