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    theTVDB fail

    Silly me, I started looking at my logs. I found a number of TVDB fail notices such as the examples below. Basic questions - is it just a failure of TVDB or VAP? Shouldn't the naming information be able to be gotten from the metadata of the .WTV files? Actually right after the log shows a...
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    Parsley Problem

    More and more stations seem to be switching over to mpeg4 at my cable company. Normally I deal with mpeg2 and use VAP to produce .mpg files which I process with an external program over to .mp4. With mpeg4 it is just faster and easier for me to use VAP to directly produce .mp4s. Anyway, I...
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    Version 5 VRD/videoredo3

    I see that Comskip has come out with a videoredo3 command line parameter for the latest version of Comskip. Without breaking any type of NDA, is VAP going to be ready for Version 5 when it comes out?
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    Failed video width

    I guess I should look at my logs more often. I just realized that every video file that I processed since March 2nd, 2013 with VAP/VRD have lines like this in the VAP logs. 3/2/2013 9:52:55 PM Getting input file encoding and video width for: Too Cute!_APLHD_2013_03_02_19_59_00.wtv 3/2/2013...
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    General Hospital is driving me nuts

    Long story short - My wife asked me to start recording General Hospital (minus the commercial) for her everyday. Fine. No big deal I thought. It wasn't until I was told that some of the show was missing and there were occasional commercials. I use Comskip and it works pretty much correctly most...
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    Modified -hotStart

    Any chance for a CL arg that is just like -hotStart but without it minimizing itself?
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    Critical Items

    What an elegant solution! I like it. Unfortunately its not going to help my renaming template. With the new Critical Item option I have my TV series template as: {Title}_S{seasonnum}E{epnum}_{Date} So, if I get the non-critical items it will look something like... American...
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    Basic Flow Question

    All this time that I've used VAP I never noticed this until now -- VAP does the Ad Scan on the original file and not the QSF'd version of the original. Why? Now, I can appreciate that some people don't do a QSF (why I don't know since it happens so fast and it can't hurt) and so they don't...
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    .vprj format issue

    Now that VRD 634d beta and Comskip 81_32 donor versions are out, do we know if the .vprj format issue has been solved? Release notes don't mention anything about it. Marvin-miller, you seemed to have been the one leading the fight on getting this corrected.
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    Log output file

    I wonder if it would be possible to add a log entry showing the output file name as produced by the metadata-based file renaming. Here's an example for a log... 3/3/2012 2:30:15 AM theTVDB metaData search succeeded for: Renovation Realities_DIY_2012_03_03_02_00_00.wtv 3/3/2012 2:30:15 AM...
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    Movie Date

    I'm thinking that the movie output template isn't working right. I started off with a file from WMC named The Beverly Hillbillies_MPLEX_2012_02_26_21_25_25.wtv. The template is set for movies to {title}_{date}. The resulting file is named The Beverly Hillbillies_00010101.mpg. Looking at the...
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    .vprj file

    Is it hardcoded into VAP for the .vprj file to be placed in the Output Folder or can it be changed to another folder?
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    Output folder by title match

    Let me tell you what I'd like to do and you can tell me if VAP can do it. At this point I don't think it can. My wife has a few TV shows that she wants me to record for her each week. I'm using a Ceton InfiniTV 4 with Windows Media Center to do so. But the bulk of the recordings in any given...
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    Unable to read profiles

    Every time after a PC reboot VAP will correctly load up automatically but will give me the following error. VAP detected TVSuite 4 but was unable to read the profiles. This usually means the VideoReDoSilent COM interface is not functioning correctly with Windows 7. Shut VAP down and run...
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    Selective Install

    Would it be possible to allow the user to choose whether they want Comskip and Mediainfo installed with a new version of VAP? I use the donator version of Comskip and I have to re-install that version every time after an install of VAP. I also like to use the latest Mediainfo and that gets...
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    Files not worked

    8/15/2011 7:48:07 PM log file C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Roaming I finally seem to have my Ceton InfiniTV 4 working properly and I teamed it up with VRD and VAP to finish off the files so I can watch them on my TV with my Mede8er 500x media box. The results are marvelous when it works. But out of...
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