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    Questions about mass conversion of MCE WTV MPEG2 to H264 MKV movies in folders

    I have recorded about 500 HD movies (MPEG2 variable bit rate - average 9,000 Kbps) in Windows Media Center. I have trimmed them with VRD and put each one into it's own folder so I can manage them with MyMovies. I would like to keep the quality but cut down the size by saving them all as h264...
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    Looking for recommended output profile for Tivo Series 3

    I am looking for advice on either choosing an existing mpeg2 output profile or creating one that would work best with a Tivo Series 3. I'm writing up a help sheet for VAP beginnners and figured this would be a good addition. The source is a mpeg2 wtv recorded in 7MC. Thanks
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    Feature Request - Simple idea to improve project file processing

    I have VAP monitor the Public Recorded TV folder. I only have it set to perform the Ad Detective scan. I then manually check each file, adjust the cuts and save the edits to the Batch Manager. I found returning to the VAP Monitored Files box and clicking the Run VRD button for each project...
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    Suggestion for streamlining project file batch workflow

    I'm using VAP to automatically process all new recordings through Ad Detective and place the resulting project files in a folder. I then manually open each project file, adjust the cuts and Ctrl-B to save them to the batch manager queue. I think a few minor UI improvements could make this...
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    Microsoft Security Essentials was interfering with editing process

    I just trimmed a bunch of movies recorded off the air. I was having issues with VideoReDo4 complaining that it was having trouble jumping to a new frame and suggesting I run the Quickstream Fix. While this was occurring I happened to look at the Windows 7 process monitor and saw that MsMpEng.exe...
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