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    Clear recent folders/ files opton

    Can I suggest enhancements to this option: Prune: revew contents and remove entries not found Max: Set a maximum number of entries with the oldest being removed
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    The maths of video resync errors

    i am currently running 822a. I edited a file to remove adverts but 25 video resync errors were reported. So I ran the file again but this time using the split scenes option so that I could see which of the 5 sections that I had created contained the errors. Usually I would get a four green and...
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    LG TV playback issues revisited

    Way back in April of last year I raised the problem of my LG TV refusing to play back files created in V6. As it turned out not really a problem that VRD support could assist with. My pragmatic fix was to create a ts file in V6 and then convert to mkv (my format of choice) using MKVToolnix. The...
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    Is Save/ split scenes broken?

    I upgraded to 811a. I had a 15.4gb file to edit. It comprised of 4 separate programmes and I decided to go at it in two steps. Step 1 was to isolate each programme content at their start and finish (taking out the unwanted closing credits, programme changeover and “previously...”) and create 4...
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    Disparities in errors H264 vs H265

    Let me first of all state that I am still using beta 808 as I'm not yet sure that later betas have stabilised. My usual thing is to take a H264 file, edit out bits and output it as an H265 file. Sometimes I get a report of Audio Resync frames being removed which is an indication of a glitch in...
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    My next PC?

    I’m thinking of upgrading my pc. I’m very much Intel orientated when it comes to processors and not being a gamer I’m not inclined to have a separate graphics card or get overly concerned about overclocking. I think that the processor to go for is the i9 9000 with a Z390 chipset. It would be...
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    H265 edit error

    I editted an H264 file removing adverts etc and successfully saved it as a H265 file. I then realised that I had not fully edited the file - that pesky "previously on... bit at the start - but decided to trim this bit off the H265 output and save it again. It immediately faIled. I attach the...
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    Save options

    I’ve used the Save with split scenes and it is really useful. My first use was to isolate which scene in a file edited to remove adverts had an error when the full file was run through. However, I have also used it to split one file containing 8 different programmes into 8 files. In this case...
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    Minor beta bug?

    One day left on my beta. I'm sending jobs to the batch manager and the little green icon appears to indicate that it is running but the progress bar is staying at 0%. However, I can run the job in "real time". Slight mismatch between in their expiration settings?
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    Audio resync frame removed H265

    You may consider this not worth worrying about but here goes... This is all in v6 beta. I edited an H264 file to remove ads and then saved it as a project. I then used the project to batch submit two different output requirements - an H265/ forced recode/ 3500 and a H265/ Intelligent Code. Both...
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    Cannot open H265 file

    I don't have any H265 sources other than a demo channel meaning that I mostly process H264 files and output them in H265. Having updated to build 797 I created two H265 files from H264 sources and then attempted to use the Join function. VR would not open the files - "video program stream not...
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    H264 to H265 recode "Failed"

    I am increasingly using V6 rather than V5. I decided to recode an existing H264 file into H265 but with a bit rate I set myself, 3,500 rather than leave it to VideoRedo. I also carried out the same conversion using Handbrake for comparison purposes. The first thing I noticed was Handbrake got...
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    Problems converting H264 to H265

    Up to now I've been using the V6 beta to test whether V6 reports and performs in a similar manner to V5. I have carried out a full V6 process, taking a H264 file editing it and then saving it as a H265 file as H265 will give me space savings over H264. (Most of my source material is currently...
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    V6 and processor developments

    I currently have an i7-7700 processor and use it’s in-built graphic processor. I try to be objective when deciding about the next processor upgrade but don’t always (ok, ever) manage that. As I understand it the next generation i7-8700 is on the way out and the 9th generation is being rolled...
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    QSF - error reports V5 vs V6

    I processed a file through QSF in V5 and got 15 audio resyncs which was not entirely unexpected. The file in question is an HDMI capture of a downloaded file. Downloads can be problematic. Trimming the beginning and end of the file removed the errors, which was as I expected. However, I ran the...
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    Title editor

    First an admission. For some unknown reason I have never used Title Editor but I saw it in V6 and thought I'd give it a go. I used Graphic (a bmp screen capture from the file) and added a text box. I instigated a file save but it timed out (yellow bolt). The file will save ok without the title...
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    Cursor position in mb/ frames

    In V5 I have the info in bottom right shows things like the cursor position in MBs. My V6 installation shows it in frames.. Is this another display option I now cannot seem to find?
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    Using Capture Frame for comparison

    I'm looking at saving storage space by recoding some H264 files into H265 and am experimenting with various average bit rate settings in order to find a rate that I'm comfortable with. One test I am using is Capture Frame, taking a picture at exactly the same point. I'm then zooming in on an...
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    Difference in V5 and V6 processing errors

    I’m on the 792 beta now. I have a file that I know has a broadcast glitch. If I process it through V5 I get a Video resync frames removed = 23. Fair enough, it is faulty after all. If I take the same file through V6 I get a “LargeBufferMalloc: no more memory” dialogue box and have to use Task...
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    More problems comparing V5 and V6

    I started with the intention of expeirmentation using H265 in V6 but came across a problem that led me to try another V5 v V6 comparision. I took a file that I had editted for adverts and start/ finish in V5 with the cuts saved in a project, and saved it in V5 using my own transport stream...
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