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    5.1 track becoming 5.0 after edit

    If the only problem is that Windows is mis-reporting the audio and the actual file is 5.1 then this is comparatively minor. I have encountered a problem where VRD shows stereo for the first few frames and then 5.1 kicks in. Rather then trim to the 5.1 point I have occasionally used the audio...
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    No PIDs specified when trying to open a transport stream

    So, a quick run through mkvtoolnix (my 2nd fave!) to remux it to mkv could be a fix?
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    [SOLVED] Beta Batch Manager exits immediately

    When I decide to move to a later beta version of VRD I download it before running the ,exe file and installing it. If I feel the need to wind back the legacy .exe file is still in my downloads folder and I can run it and revert to the earlier version. Could the .exe file you need be in your...
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    Major Recode Required issue

    I was talking about the HD-PVR that I had - bought in 2012 - not about what later became available. I agree that hdmi to component conversion should be avoided, hence my upgrade to the Colossus. I would view recording onto a memory stick as an unnecessary extra step but I can see that there are...
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    Major Recode Required issue

    I used to use a HD-PVR and now a Colossus 2, the internal PCIe card. The former had component input, so HDMI to component conversion was required. Very early on I decided that the Hauppauge capture software was unsatisfactory and I switched to DVBViewer, with a short switch back because...
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    Can I run TVS4 and TVS6 on the same machine

    From my perusing of this forum I can say that importing profiles from earlier versions of VRD is not recommended. Newer versions bring different options in the profiles and a straight copy across can apparently create problems.
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    Which algorithm are you using for Smart Deinterlace?

    Thanks for that. I am overdue a sight test and I was wondering….
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    Saving Matroska File Format

    Pleased to hear that you may have a working fix. A VRD solution would be better though.
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    Saving Matroska File Format

    My source files are mostly ts anyway so I edit it removing adverts and then output it as a ts. I do compress at the same time so I have created new output profiles that set the output codec to ts regardless of the source's codec. (Standard transport stram output profiles are "match source"). I...
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    Saving Matroska File Format

    I reported a similar problem a while ago. My LG would not play V6 mkv files but would if created by V5. The files played ok on my pc and my Samsung tv. I found a pragmatic fix: I use V6, output in ts format and then remux it with MKVTools (I am a fan!). The subsequent mkv file plays fine on all...
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    Should I really upgrade from version 5 to version 6? Version 5 is pretty good.

    I contributed to that thread! I must have lost the thread somewhere. It would be iunrealistic to expect a fanfare, a waving of flag etc. so me paying atrention might help.
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    Should I really upgrade from version 5 to version 6? Version 5 is pretty good.

    I can’t say that I can remember anything Earth-shattering different in V6. I think that many of the changes are under the hood and probably not that apparent to mere mortals. I lean towards a more pragmatic viewpoint. V5 is effectively frozen and V6 may require some bug fixes but refinements are...
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    Missing Audio Track

    That doesn’t sound promising. The only think of trying is to re-mux the track with mkvtoolnix and then open the remixed file. I don’t really know why but this has resolved issues for me in similar circumstances.
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    Missing Audio Track

    First you should open the file and see whether if you use Tools/ Show Video Program info whether there are more than one audio track is listed (and which one is primary!). I’m using V6 and there is a default setting of all audio in the Tools Shift/Options #37 but if you’re not on V6 I’m not sure.
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    Missing Audio Track

    I’m wondering that maybe the broadcast is setting the Spanish track as the primary/ first track and you have VR set to recording just one audio track rather than multiple. If this is the case the only course would be to edit the audio tracks in VR and remove all but the English track (or enable...
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    No Audo Stream Found

    It is probably only a fix. Far better if the VR guys can tweak things at their end. I wondered whether the audio synch would totally survive the remux. Edit: hang on to the original files for now!
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    No Audo Stream Found

    Whilst waiting for a better reply might I suggest that since audio seems to actually be there you should try remuxing the file on mkvtoolnix and then then seeing if VideoRedo will open the remuxed file.
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    Sync issues with edited TS files

    Have you tried outputting from VRD as a TS file and then remuxing with MKVToolNix?
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    Extract 5.1 channels?

    I edit files on tv channels that broadcast 2 channel audio during the breaks but switch to multi-channel audio when the programme starts/ re-starts. I’ve learnt not to rely upon the reported channel count of both VideoRedo and MediaInfo. Instead a look at the audio level along the timeline as...
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    Is it possible to use chapter points to split a video?

    this thread may be relevant.
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