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    Playon cloud 1080p recordings are corrupted when saving a trimmed file

    Is this something that may still happen - not necessarily in a month but not in years?
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    In trial. Worked great for 3 days. Now preview timeline is messed up.

    IIRC the developers have extended a trial for someone who was having problems during their trial period. Wouldn't hurt to ask.
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    new version released -

    I look at the "beta" version notice each time I open this forum but today I didn't realize it wasn't there. Maybe keep the notice displayed but change it to say a new "non-beta" version is available.
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    Export profiles

    can't find that in V6 edit: just realized this is the V5 forum but still don't see it in V5
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    Export profiles

    I haven't done it but try "Tools/Manage Output Profiles/Files/Export Profiles"
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    Video cut detection

    Try Scenalyzer Live, Dear Friends and Dear Users of ScenalyzerLive! A few years ago, the ScenalyzerLive project has been discontinued because it became too complicated to handle the various HD formats with a program that was completely built around the DV format. Since November 2010, licenses...
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    Video file only partially saving

    I'm not 100% sure of this but I think the trial versions only save a few minutes of the file but that you can request a "trial key" that will allow saving of the full files for a period of time (1 or 2 weeks?).
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    VideoReDo chashes during save of 4k video

    File uploaded & email sent. Reply received Ticket id: XCK-43558-427
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    VideoReDo chashes during save of 4k video

    Couldn't find that sample again. I used TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 5 to convert a home video clip to 4k AVC mp4 (not familiar enough with TMPGEnc to match the sample). I can edit my upscaled home video with VideoReDo v6 if I use IDR frames and no fades. With fades or cuts on P or B frames...
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    VideoReDo chashes during save of 4k video

    The sample had been deleted. I'll search for it on the internet but I don't remember where I found it. If I can't find that one maybe I can located another one. Fade duration was 2 seconds.
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    VideoReDo chashes during save of 4k video

    VideoReDo v6 build 812a If I edit an AVC 4k mp4 video and attempt to save it with fades (still as a mp4), VideoReDo crashes (VideoReDo has stopped working). It will save if I turn off fades but make no other changes. An AVC 1080 mp4 will save without any problems. Has anyone been able to use...
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    New Release Announcement?

    I found this comment in the beta section and downloaded the new version. Could new releases be announced here like the betas are in the beta section. I would also appreciate somewhere a list of changes since the last beta (or if it is the same as the last beta then a statement to that effect)...
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    Directv transfers

    I'm considering switching from cable to Directv (with a HD DVR). Does anyone know if the recordings can be transferred to my PC to edit with VideoReDo? If the HD recordings are MP4/H.264, no problem, I'll hold them until supported - I just need to know if they can be transferred.
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