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    Videos with pictures

    I have been sent a home video in iso image format and the other is an m4v video. I have used dvd shrink to get the vob files from the iso image and have been trying to join them in Video Redo Plus (latest version). When played from the iso image the picture stays up for a few seconds so I have...
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    Video Redo Compatibility with Windows 7 x64

    I have just replace my old XP PC with a new one using Windows 7 x64 (64 bit) and wish to use my Video Redo software on it. However the current version is Version: 3.10.3-609 and the MS Windows 7 indicates that version 2.5 is the only version compatible. Is this correct? I would have thought...
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    videos with no audio

    I am trying to join four seperate video part, the third one of which has no audio. I can load them into VideoRedo Plus and select the joiner ok but when when it gets to the part with no audio it indicates that it has removed a large number of frames. The output is the joined parts up to the...
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    Upgrade Installation

    I purchased VideoRedo/Plus Version some time ago and subsequently received an automatic update to VideoRedo Plus Version I have just noted that in the Add/Remove Program list in Windows that both of these appear to be installed. Can I uninstall the earlier version without...
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