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    Retaining Metadata during conversion

    Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply . I appreciate that there is not a 1-2-1 match for all Metadata but the show stopper for me is loosing Timetaken and GPS. The other Tags like Title, Subject, Tags, Authors etc I can easily update into the .MP4 after conversion. It would be nice if you could set the...
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    Retaining Metadata during conversion

    Hi, I have TVSuite V6 (6062.4.827) I'm using MS Photos to Create Slideshows (.mp4) containing Picture & Video to show on my Samsung TV (Q95) I lot of my input comes from iPhone & iPad therefore the video is .MOV. MS Photos Slideshow creation hangs when I try to use a .MOV, so I'm converting...
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    Entering Title, Sub Title & Comments during conversion

    I've noticed that when you convert to .wtv format you have the option to enter Title, SubTitle and Comments. I've created a .mov format ( a copy of the iPad 1080p with .mov extension). The .MOV also supports Metadata like .wtv Could we have a new profile option to allow updating of Title...
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    Setting default output profile

    I regulary use two different output profiles. I there a way to create two desktop icons that will each set a different default output profile ? BobS
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    Maintain Creation Date after conversion

    Hi, I use VideoRedo TV Suite H.264 in Windows 10 to convert (.mp4) video from my camera to a format that support metadata. Generally, Is there a way to make the "Date Created" in the output format the same as the input. Secondly, if I convert from .mp4 to .wtv is there a way to make the .wtv...
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