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    Script to preserve subtitles in edited videos

    Brilliant. I've been looking for something that could handle timed text and edits with VideoRedo. Your script works well for me on the files that I've tried. Thank you for posting it.
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    I-Frame Navigation Hang

    I recently moved from VideoRedo 5 to 6 and started noticing program hangs during navigation. I have my left and right arrow keys mapped to move an I-frame at a time. My source files come from Tivo and I used pyTivo Desktop to download the files (without errors) and process through QS to...
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    VideoReDo 763 crash on ts -> mp4, does not crash on 748a

    I've got a .ts file downloaded from my Tivo that crashes VideoReDo when I encode from .ts to .mp4. The Tivo file was downloaded using pytivo desktop without transport stream errors. Running QSF on the .ts also shows no errors. I split the file in half and the second half still crashes...
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    Commercials not detected with Videoredo V5 & kmttg.

    With Videoredo V5 & kmttg, I'm running kmttg to transfer tv shows from my TiVo to my PC. I have a two stage process. The first stage of kmttg runs as a Windows service and it downloads a show from the Tivo, decrypts it, runs QS Fix, & runs Videoredo Ad Detective. During the second stage of...
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    Encoded files are much larger in V5 vs V4

    I'm not an expert in the encoding area, but I have a Output Profile on VideoRedo V4 that works well on my devices; Tivos and Apple phones and tablets (attached). I have been using V4 regularly and just installed the V5 beta. I exported my profile from V4 and imported in V5, but my encoded...
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    Auto-detect Remote Desktop Session

    I would like to request that VideoRedo auto-detect if a remote desktop session is active and set audio playback devices accordingly. It seems that I always have it configured wrong whether I am at the PC or remoted into it. It doesn't look hard to detect if a remote session is running...
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    Trouble with a TV series transferred from Tivo

    I'm having trouble with Videoredo on episodes of Crossing Jordan that I am transferring from my Tivo to PC. I'm getting the same type of errors on each episode where thousand of video frames are removed during a QSF which turns an hour long show into a few minutes. I've tried versions 564 & 579...
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    Blocking in VideoRedo but plays fine in Media Player

    I have a problem which sounds a lot like the problem referenced in this thread. I have a program which I recorded on my Tivo and transferred to my PC. I am able to play the video just fine in the Windows Media Player, but when I load it up in VideoRedo to edit out the commercials, it randomly...
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    Plus should have better GUI

    I've test driven both TV Suite and Plus versions and while I am generally impressed with the product, I don't need the DVD functionality in the TV Suite but I don't like the Plus version GUI. Probably because I test drove the TV Suite version first. I think a "New modern and sleeker look to...
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    Runtime Error when locking workstation

    Downloaded this program as a trial today. Loaded up a file that I transferred from my HD Tivo that had run through DirectShow Dump (Looks like I can load .tivo files directly?). I loaded up VideoReDo and ran adDetective on it. Looked like it was going to take a while, so I locked my Windows...
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