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    TV Recording software

    Thanks, it looks a little basic but I'll check it out.
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    TV Recording software

    I wonder if anyone can recommend some good TV recording software for Windows please? I have been using DVBViewer for many years, it works well enough and has a great Android app to go with it but it's very un-user-friendly and the older version that I use is no longer supported (the new one...
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    VRD crashes every time I try to edit a recording

    Hi guys, I haven't been doing much recording and editing recently but the last 3-4 times I have tried to edit my recordings VRD (TV Suite v. has crashed on me. I mark the start and finish points, press 'Save Video' and almost immediately I get the 'VideoReDo has stopped working' box...
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    4k ?

    In HD, 720(p/i) = 1280x720, 1080(p/i) = 1920x1080 - i.e. the description refers to the vertical resolution, so why is UHD called 4K when it's only 3840x2160? Surely that's 2K. I is confused! :) (OK, I've just read the Wikipedia article about this but it seems to me to be a con as UHD-1 isn't...
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    VRD 738 - Audio problem with .ts files?

    My usual M.O. is to record a BBC HD TV show in .ts format using DVBviewer, edit it in VRD, rip the teletext subtitles using ProjectX, check and re-sync the ripped subs using SubtitleEdit, then mux to .mkv using mkvmerge. I noticed recently that when checking the subtitles in SubtitleEdit there...
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    Video processing

    I have a fairly decent processor (i5-4670K overclocked to 4GHz), 16GB of overclocked memory and a couple of fast SSDs (Samsung 840 and 850 on different controllers) but when I'm processing a video it doesn't use more than half of the CPU's power and rarely more than 8GB of memory in total...
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    VRD - New subtitle problem in this version

    737b has introduced a problem where I take a freshly recorded .ts file containing DVB and text subtitles, I top and tail it, save it, and the resulting file has no subtitles. I run it through again and the subtitles appear. To add to the fun, when I look at the original recording in MediaInfo...
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    Creating PAL DVD

    I'm trying to rip a season of .mkv 1080p recordings to DVD using VRD but I'm having a few problems: 1) The only menu templates available are NTSC. I can change it to PAL under 'Edit template' but the fields are no longer aligned properly and it's really hard to move them without resizing them...
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    Cropping a video file (VRD TV Suite v.

    I have a 720p .mp4 video where I am only interested in a small area of the picture that is central vertically and about 1/3 of the width in from the left. I tried the resize option and it kinda does what I want except that with it set to maintain aspect ratio I can adjust the horizontal up and...
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    Increase brightness of .mp4 videos?

    Can anyone suggest some free or cheap software to increase the brightness of .mp4 videos?
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    Problem using rotate (VRD

    I made a video using my 'phone's camera for the first time and need to rotate it 180 degrees so I topped and tailed it, set the rotation option in Profile Options and tried to save it but got an error saying "Problem encountered during output! Graph abort in: Intel video encoder, error: Error...
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    VRD 717 hangs after edit

    I've seen this a couple of times now: I took a fresh H.264 HD recording (from ITV1 UK via Freesat in this case), marked the cut points around the adverts, saved the file, it went to the output window and did its thing, but at the end it just hung and I had to crash VRD out using Task Manager...
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    MP4 files skipping though

    I sometimes download videos from YouTube and I have noticed that, while there's usually no problem, occasionally one will work fine in video players and is good in VRD v4 but in v5 it will skip through in places - a bit like a short burst of fast forward - and is impossible to edit. I've just...
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    Joiner loses subtitles in second title

    Further to Phototaker's question in the v.4 area, I tried loading two .ts files containing subtitles into the Joiner, saved them as a .ts file, and the subtitles are still lost in the second and subsequent clips. Can this be fixed in v.5?
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    First impressions

    I've just installed the beta of v.5 (705) and thought I'd post my initial reactions. * Hate the drab, boxy "Windows 8" look, really hate it! :( Hopefully there'll be a skin for it that'll suit me better so thanks for that facility, although apologies to the person who created it... :) *...
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    Cannot edit .mp4s downloaded from YouTube

    I've recently started having problems editing files that I've downloaded from YouTube (via's video downloader in Firefox 30.0) using VRD Attached is the MediaInfo text output and VRD log for an example file. Nothing much happens; the Output window opens, I see the red arrow...
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    Weird crash

    I'm having a strange problem with editing a new recording. I mark the sections I want to keep but as soon as I click 'Save as', VRD completely crashes with "VideoReDo has stopped working". I cleared the log and tried again but all it shows is: 2014-01-07 23:39:40 VideoReDo TVSuite started...
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    I've been using VRD and hanging around these forums for quite some time now and it has to be said that the two Dans offer some of the best support I have ever come across. Given that, I got to wondering how it works behind the scenes - do you each program different parts of the software? do...
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    Web site - make unread message colour darker?

    Using the web site in Firefox (23.0), it's hard to see the difference in colour between unread messages and new ones. Could you darken the blue for unread messages please? (Feel free to delete this after it's taken care of, this just seemed like the most appropriate forum to post it in but I...
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    Overview of how H.264 works

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I thought this might be interesting to the more techie of us.
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