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    VRD Pro 6-93-7-836a

    Hi, VRD Pro 6-93-7-836a Installed this version and the batch manager stopped working !!. Appears, for a second or so, and then crashes. HELP PLEASE
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    There is still a problem in the Output Profiles Audio Processing section. (see previous post) Can this be fixed please ?.
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    Batch manager and renewal problem

    I posted Monday about the batch manager not working after installing VRDPro-6-92-11-823a. I have just purchased an upgrade key for VideoPro 6 from VideoPro 5. The already installed version of VRDPro-6-92-11-823a was now giving the expired/upgrade message with the license screen. I simply...
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    Batch manager is not working !. Fails with unspecified error, then the license screen is displayed. VideoReDo is left running and has to be closed via task manager. When loaded using main interface the video's render without a problem. No errors shown !. I have 2 days left of nine day trial.
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    There is a problem in the Output Profiles Audio Processing section. With Processing algorithm set to raise/lower level, the level can be lowered but not raised above 0 db. As I almost always have to raise the level of video's from my old HDPVR by 5-10db this is an essential setting. Can this...
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    Video Encoding parameters is missing from advanced tab !!!.
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    VideRedo Pro version 5 not Working after installing Beta version 6

    I installed the beta pro version 6 yesterday. After trying out the beta version, I tried to use my old pro version 5 installation and was greeted by a message saying that several installation files are missing or damaged !. It appears that Beta-Pro version 6 installed to the same directory as...
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