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    Subtitles for Australian TV shows - page 801 on teletext

    Hi, Does VRD handle Australian subs, do you know? I'm not very savvy on subtitles except to know that on our remotes, if we use the teletext method, it's page 801. If it doesn't, and you know that, does version 5? If you need a sample so you can check, do you need one for each...
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    VRD not outputting results if I'm not connected to internet??

    Hi. According to documentation, it's not necessary to be connected to the internet for anything but update checking/doing. However, whilst having internet problems, I've been unable to output anything. Now I have internet again, bingo! Happy to output. Should this be the case? I'd like to...
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    "Auto Combine Sequential Filenames" - is there a shortcut that triggers it?

    All of a sudden I was unable to open just a single file in a folder. I had a vague recollection of having seen a setting that let you click on one file and all files would be combined into VRD so I searched Options and disabled "Auto Combine Sequential Filenames" in the "Enhanced" section and...
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    VLC says 'bad file descriptor', VRD crashes or says can't open.

    This isn't strictly speaking a VRD issue but I'm hoping someone can help. I have a movie that I recorded but I'm unable to open it to watch or edit. The PVR has a maximum file size of 2 gb so the movie consists of 4 files. The last three are fine but the first one is the one giving trouble...
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    Main area picture is black and white and three in triplicate!

    Hi, My main computer is currently unavailable so temporarily I'm running the latest version of VRD with H264 in trial mode. I downloaded the latest copy just a day or so back. When I open a video in VRD (usually a .ts from my PVR television recorder), as it says in the heading... I get three...
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    Pixelation and/or "liney" after encoding

    Hi, I'm slowly getting the hang of the various terms and I think I'll be saying the right things but if I seem to be "talking through my hat" then I probably am. :D I'm pretty sure I'm using VideoRedo TV Suite v4 with H.264. I'm trying to encode TV programs for later viewing. One of the key...
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