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    Edit individual frames?

    I don't know if this is possible in VideoReDo, but I want to be able to edit an individual frame to keep the audio but remove, blackout, or otherwise edit individual frames. Any recommendations? Is this possible with VRD?
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    Wrong aspect ratio

    I've come across what seems to be a bit of an oddity with some recent recordings. Star Trek: Voyager is currently showing on the Horror channel on UK Freeview, and being relatively old has a 4:3 aspect ratio. If I use VRD 6 to cut the adverts out and save directly as a .ts, everything is fine...
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    Worth converting .ts to .mkv?

    After seeing @Dan203 post the poll about whether to remove the MPEG4 profile from VideoReDo and the various replies I wondered if it was worth converting all my TV recordings, which are in .ts format, to .mkv. Is there any benefit to be had from doing this. I probably have a good few hundred...
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    VRD licence activation

    I've just reinstalled my main PC (Win 7 x64). VRD is installed on a separate drive (along with a bunch of other programs I use regularly), so I don't have to reinstall it after a fresh install. Usually after installing Windows, I start VRD, run through the welcome wizard and then enter my key...
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