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    A Modest Proposal for the Continuation of VRD

    Hello, well ... the problem with these "versions" (I already knew them) is that you never know what you get ... they might not call home to DRD Systems, but ... who knows ... Regards Frank
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    A Modest Proposal for the Continuation of VRD

    Hello, the last "no activation" version should be based on "VRDTVS-6-63-7-836a" or "VRDTVS-6-63-7-836d". The version "d" seems to be the best one that corrected some things with the overflow (has anyone a list with the corrections made in this version?). I only tested "836a" for a longer time...
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    What now ?

    Hello, this is exactly the reason why I love the program so much. It is simple to use and if you want to replace a broken part from another source you can use deeper parameters to adjust the piece of the vid from the other source and put it together again. I tried some other programs before, but...
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    Good bye

    Hello Dan, I am happy for you that you have found a new job. This is probably the most important thing for you at the moment ... to have an income. I wish you all the best for this. I can well understand that after all these years it will not be easy for you to leave this project behind. You...
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    DanR has passed away

    This is very sad news; my condolences.
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    "There was an error contacting the server" Msg at launch.

    Hello Dan, thank you very much for all your efforts. I would like to give you my best wishes for you and of course also for DanR; I hope he gets better soon. For all VRD users, I hope there will be a way to continue the project as it is one of the best editing software I have seen. Of course...
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    [solved] Webserver offline?

    Oh sorry, the question concerning smart-edit was about "WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe"
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    [solved] Webserver offline?

    Hello Ben, do you know if this software does smart-editing without recoding the whole file? That is the biggest problem for most of the consumer products. Regards Frank
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    "There was an error contacting the server" Msg at launch.

    Hello, I think the last beta is much better than the last stable version. I hope we can use it in future as well. I fear that VRD has probably come to an end. I find this very sad as I have really come to love this software and use it frequently after years of searching. My personal opinion on...
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    Losing chunk of audio in middle of file

    Hello Toby, the setting with the lower manual bitrate sounds very unusual... Normally the manual bit rate has to be set higher if it doesn't work on auto and if there is no error in the file. Maybe Dan is interested in taking a look at the problematic file? Regards Frank
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    Losing chunk of audio in middle of file

    Hello, since the last beta, muxrate set to auto on ts-files works much better than before. Have you tried out this? If stored on local disk, you don't have to choose ATSC. And yes, high pts underflows can cause audio playback issues (depends on player). But I am wondering about that high pts...
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    Transport-stream options

    Hello Dan, I will try out, if auto works better now. If I get in trouble with pts underflows with the actual version (so that I have to use manual) I would report again. Jumps in VLC player (and my mediaplayer in a satellite receiver) are very clumsy if it was muxed with manual bitrate...
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    [SOLVED] Beta Batch Manager exits immediately

    Hello, the Problem is solved with 835b. Regards Frank
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    Transport-stream options

    Hallo, I just made some tests with the new beta 835b and an old problem with ts-files is back. Actually there is again a playback delay in VLC player if you jump to another point in the video if the muxrate is set to manual. Jumps in VLC have video delays up to 3-4 seconds before the playback...
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    How to correctly cut and merge two h264 .ts streams

    Hello, it is shown live at the process what VRD does. At the end of the process you can have a look into the logfile too. Fishing in the dark ... sounds funny ... I don't think it's that bad because it doesn't happen that often. If you have problems joining ts-files, you should be sure that...
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    How to correctly cut and merge two h264 .ts streams

    Hello, if there are these problems when joining, I have had good experiences with cutting the individual pieces not on I-frames, but on B-frames. Usually a matching point in both sources can be found. Then VRD will definitely perform a recoding on the cutpoint and the transition is then usually...
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    Distortion or short video hanging at I frame as start of second cutting

    Hello, this problem has been discussed several times. The actual versions von VRD6 are much better than previous versions. But some ts-files can be very "tricky", so that the detection of dependencies between frames (especially around I-frames) seems to be not so easy. Ts-streams can have...
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    problem with cut

    Hallo, I am now using 832k and used 831a before. These versions don't have the problem on ts-streams.
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    Pixelation in place of cut VRDv6 beta

    Hello, unfortunately the topic was discussed in two threads. I would like to remind you of my post in the original thread, where a workaround was described when a film file does not want to be cut properly on I-frames. I don't have the problem that often with the current VRD version. I have the...
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    Output video seems to introduce Variable Framerate (which causes problems with other editors).

    Hello, are you sure with the framerate? E.g. in Germany broadcast via DVB-T2 uses 1080p/50 or 1080i/50 and the codec H.265. In most other countries the codec is H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, but in my opinion framerate is also p/50 or i/50. Regards Frank
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