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    VRD - Can I install more than one copy (different PCs)

    I have had VRD on one PC (for years). Is it permitted to install VRD on a 2nd (or 3rd) PC? If so - can you point me to the link from where I can access it? Thanks.
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    VRD Ouput File Meta-X Can't Open - strange Codec ID in MediaInfo

    I'm running the latest Beta as per your suggestion pursuant to my recent post (or a couple of days ago). Starting File is .WTV, a TV recording of a High Def channel in Sydney that broadcasts H264. I performed QSF on this recording and set the profile to H264/MP4. The result seems fine, and...
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    "FFmpeg muxer, video write error"

    I initially edited and processed my input file, but it failed "badly" producing no output. So I then ran QSF on my source .wtv file, producing a new wtv file, then edited the file and specified a H264/mp4 output with 2-pass encoding. This failed, and the Log extract for this run is below. How...
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    Metadata Support in various Output file formats

    I record movies from TV, edit out the ads, and save in a library on a NAS server from where they can be accessed via various DLNA clients (eg. WDTV, PS3, iPADs) or other media players (window PCs etc). To date I have use the H264/.ts output profile. This has the advantage of being playable by...
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    Upgrade of VRD to v5

    I've installed VRD v5. VAP continues to run, but invokes VRD v4. In due course, I'll want to change that to be rid of V4 entirely. How do I get VAP (I have 2 instances of it, each with different parameters) to invoke V5? tks
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    DVD Output Bit Rate Higher than "No Change"

    Just purchased V5.I have 10 TV episodes (in 10 .mpg files), each about 25mins duration, and of varying bit rates (some around 1.5Mbps, others up to 3Mbps). I made a DVD out of the first 5 episodes – it used about half of aDVD-R and the ISO output file was produced very rapidly.The create a DVD...
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    Compressed stream error: DVD Muxer initialization error.

    Running VRD Trying to make a DVD from a set of .mpg files produced by VRD from MPEG2 TV broadcasts. I get above error regardless of set of files included in the DVD, including even a single file. Tried QSF on the input file first. Menu or no menu makes no difference. Location...
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    Delay ("Not Responding") on Certain Operations

    For a little while now I've been experiencing some "delays" when performing certain operations - such as "Open Video", or "Open Project", "save Video as", etc. The Open/save window does not appear promptly, but rather after a delay of several (eg. 10+ seconds). If while waiting I touch the...
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    Failing Files (and not recoverable?)

    I have had a bunch of files go into the "filed_files" folder. Worse still, they show a file length of just 512KB, yet the length attributes shows the correct duration of the program. I assume the original of the file (as recorded) was "OK" (given the length attribute), but the original is...
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    Outputting PAL DVD

    I start with a .mp4 file at 1280 x 720 produced by Windows Movie Maker (using clips taken on iPhone 5s). I want to make a DVD using VRD. I note that VRD (Create DVD screen) "deems" the Source to be NTSC and decides to make the DVD NTSC (actually "no change"). Similarly, it sets the output...
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    Compressed Stream Error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow

    I get the above error. I first processed 2 clips via QSF (input and output both .wtv files). I then edited and joined them. Both are 1080i broadcast tv with 5.1 audio. The error occurs in that last step. VRD vsn: 8 2013 AVP-On.
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    Failed to Get VD vsn Nbr

    "Failed to Get VRD vsn Nbr" Just wondering why VAP wants to get the VRD vsn number, how it is doing this, and why the first two attempts (for me) typically fail? Is there potential to short-circuit this process by setting a parameter in VAP user config to tell it something about the installed...
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    Using the -Config:# Option

    I would like to place files in a different output folder depending on the input file. For example - I might want: "The Blacklist*.wtv" (after processing) to go to output1 and "The Good Wife*.wtv (after processing) to go to output2. [I'll be using the excellent Input File filtering...
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    Few Problems Getting going....

    Hi - can you help me with a few issues getting going..... 1) You specify .NET Framework 2.0 Is that version a strict requirement - I already have 4.5.1 installed? 2) I want to use VAP against a subset of files in my Recorded TV folder. So I will copy the desired files into the VAP...
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    VAP - Output Folder

    The VAP doco recommends not placing certain folders on Network Drives. Can you advise the reason for this? If there are limited scenarios where NAS presents a problem, can you advise what those scenarios are? My particular interest is the Output folder.
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    DVD Output bit-rate seems too low

    Using v665 of VRD. I am making a DVD, taking as input a .mp4 file output from Windows Movie Maker. The Movie Maker output file is 26minutes, 3.7GB and resolution is 1280x720 at 20Mbps. The quality is pretty good, with only the occasional pixilation. VRD is happy enough in preparing to...
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    Problem producing DVD

    Edited a .WTV file and converted it to .mpg with a view to making a single Title DVD PAL 16:9 aspect. [I also QSF'd the .mpg input file and tried with that, but does not change results described below. The original input and the QSF'd file are within 2KB of same size.] The input .mpg file is...
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    Max PTS Underflow

    I'm seeing Max PTS underflow values in the 400ms to 900ms ranges pretty regularly when producing H264 (.ts) outputs from recorded (and edited) TV (MPEG2 (.wtv) inputs. I believe this is mostly (if not exclusively) showing up when the source is high definition. What is Max PTS Underflow, and...
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    Edit Output Profile Dialogue

    When the Output Mode = "Intelligent Recode", can you confirm there is no need to adjust the "Max resolution", if no change to the input is required? [I presume this is implied by the field being labelled "max resolution", rather than "resolution" as it is in Forced Recode?] If that's the...
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    Can't Add Title to DVD

    I open a .m4v file (created by Handbrake, constrant frame rate) in VRD. I click "Add title to DVD" and VRD responds with: "The current frame rate of 24.99 FPS is not support on a NTSC DVD." So I have 2 questions - why can't I add the title, and why is NTSC mentioned (given I planned to make a...
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