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  1. halfpipe

    Can I name a Bookmark?

    I have a 14 hour file which needs sections visually identified on the timeline. Placing bookmarks and naming them might work Any other way to create dialogue marks on the timeline? tks Bruce
  2. halfpipe

    Combining variable framerate files

    Hi. I used an android tv box with hdmi in capability to record 16 continuous hours of a figureskating competition It produced avc mpeg-4 Bitrate 5120kbps and variable framerate 17 2gb size files were created and I want to recombine them for editing However when opening the 17 files and choosing...
  3. halfpipe

    Save Selections as separate files?

    In scene mode can all the "Add Selection" be saved quickly as individual files ? Would save me a ton of time. tks Bruce
  4. halfpipe

    Stutter Stop - dvd playback

    as you can see in this dialogue the dvd bitrate is correct however media info reported otherwise on the processed vob from the dvd
  5. halfpipe

    Stutter Stop - dvd playback

    Just looked at a previous vob using "no change" bitrate so i'm going to keep an eye on the bitrate meter from now on
  6. halfpipe

    Stutter Stop - dvd playback

    Following Dan203's suggestion, I deselected "No Change" as the video bitrate and did select 9.5 (I don't have an option of 8.0) and that seemed to have done the trick. I'm halfway thru a dvd which is doing everything properly. Yesterday Dan203 suggested similar audio changes which didn't have...
  7. halfpipe

    4K Editing

    This time with 4K enabled and General Complete name : N:\Riach-Blu-ray\riach-scoccer\8-17-2014\C0004 (02puttogether4kenasas).mp4 Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : QuickTime Codec ID...
  8. halfpipe

    Stutter Stop - dvd playback

    Been using VRD for many years and have authored near a thousand dvds from my own footage and have boasted here and elswehere that vrd is the best program to use for dvd creation because it produces the best video from my camera files. For the past six months however I've had to resort to a Free...
  9. halfpipe

    xvac-s 3840x2160

    Had my fingers crossed when importing a xavc-s 3840x2160 but no joy in either directly creating a dvd or saving the file to 720 mpeg2 . Is it so?
  10. halfpipe

    4k MP4 (XAVC-S) format to be supported

    Good morning. It's raining outside Just took delivery of a sony ax1000 which produces 4k MP4 (XAVC-S) format files. vrd accepted the file however immediately crashed when clicking "Author and Burn" in the "Create DVD" procedure. Is this something vrd intends to support because although I'm now...
  11. halfpipe

    Thanks for the Dual pass encoding fix

    Thank you for fixing this [Fix] MPEG2 Recoding: Dual pass encoding from MPEG2 or H264 could hang (TOD) especially when authoring DVDs.
  12. halfpipe

    .674 stops halfway thru with the Yellow caution

    I've a rather large 1440x1080 mpeg2 video 150gb file with 48khx mpeg audio and I'm in scene mode selecting 2 scenes to fill a dvd amd the recode stars ok and goes to about the halfway point or maybe it is the second scene then the yellow caution triange and time remaining increases This is a...
  13. halfpipe

    MKV on dvd media thread search

    Happy New Year (somewhat belated) I'm pre-considering pre-ordering a 4k Sony FDR-AX100 and a Seiki 39" 4k screen when 1/2 my clients still want there stuff delivered on DVD... don't know whether to laugh or cry :) :( Anyway enough of an attempt at witty. Can you point me to a discussion...
  14. halfpipe

    Join many files and put a chapter mark at the cut points

    Will Join many files and put a chapter mark at the cut points ever be implemented? Thanks Bruce
  15. halfpipe

    Any way to carry over cut points as markers from a different nle?

    Any way to carry over cut points as markers from a different nle?
  16. halfpipe

    Force higher bitrate or something

    I shot a Dance Recital on a fairly well lit stage. Problem I'm having is that 95% of the image is either black or dimly lit backdrop whicn doesn't change and it seems that vrd is encoding for that rather than the dancers I shot it at 24mb bitrate and when it is boiled down by vrd for dvd I'm...
  17. halfpipe

    since combine is still broken Where to get version 643 ?

    Hi I just shot a figureskating competition and I have hundreds of 3 minute clips (sony m2ts from a cx550v)which I want to combine on a DVD so that the cut points will act as chapter marks however only the first clip is actually imported although 18 are selected and dragged into vrd4211655 and...
  18. halfpipe

    Howto restrain sizing for dvd

    I'd have thought by now we would have made the transition to Blu-ray or at least something other than dvd but although for the most part my clients (event video) are well heeled and money isn't the issue, 85% of them still want their video delivered on dvd. This vexes me to no end...
  19. halfpipe

    646a combine m2ts still broke?

    646a combine m2ts still broke? only one file gets imported
  20. halfpipe

    mute a channel in 5.1 audio

    Hi again Have recorded some audio using 5.1 and now want to deselect or mute two of the channels and just keep the centre channel(cleanest) Is this doable directly in vrd? Bruce
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