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    Change audio at beginning

    I think this is a problem that I have encountered before. Converting a cut file from ts to mkv picks up the ac3 audio setting from the beginning of the ts file - in this case 2 channel. The way to get round this is to cut the file and save it in ts format, then reload the new (cut) file and...
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    It would be great if we could specify "no subtitles" or even choose which subs when converting to MKV format. AT present I have to run the MKV file through MKVToolNix to remove subs. Tony
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    Match source MKV recoding problem

    So far I have only found this problem on recordings of music concerts. They often have sections where they show the band in the old days - when they still had hair - and this old footage is often quite variable so creates this problem. I don't want to settle down for the evening to watch a show...
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    Match source MKV recoding problem

    Hi Dan Problem for users is that we cannot tell whether any file actually contains this kind of problem so I guess it will be necessary to force recode every file just in case...…. Unless maybe you could get Quickstream Fix to look for the problem and flag it up if found or give the all clear...
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    Match source MKV recoding problem

    Hi I have created a small (55mb) file that illustrates the problem I have been having with converting files recorded from BBC transmissions. The .ts file has a mixture of scenes from old video clips and newer footage. If I use the standard "match source" MKV profile the older clips are badly...
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    Output error

    Hi Turning off chapter marks stops the original error and the file is created, but the resulting video is unplayable with lots of blurring and jumping. I am using the standard MKV profile with Match Source for the codec. Tony
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    Output error

    Hi Editing a ts file saved from a BBC tv program, trying to save using the standard MKV profile. I get "Output muxer, error: FFmpeg muxer: error writing packet." Seems to go through the initial conversion of a few frames up to an "I" frame and then just crashes. Log shows: 2019-09-16...
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    Aspect ratio display problem on tv

    I have converted a BBC HD program to both mkv and ts formats with a full recode and in both cases they display OK with WMP and VLC but on my Panasonic tv the display looks like half height. Using the tv's aspect display control resizes the display correctly but there is something in the file...
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    Preserve AAC 5.1 on recode

    I seem to remember that at some point there was mention of being able to recode and retain AAC 5.1 audio. This would be a great help because BBC HD is broadcating the Proms (classical music) using AAC 5.1 and at present recoding forces AAC 2.0. Any prospect of this appearing sometime soon?
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    MKV play back problem

    I have a number of mkv files created using Videoredo over a long period of time. They all play fine on my PC using WMP or VLC. However, I have a new Panasonic TX-L42E30B television which has native MKV support and plays back some of these Videoredo MKV files but fails completely on others...
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    BBC HD files video format not recognised

    Trying to load a BBC HD file rcorded from my Hauppauge DVB-S2 card. I get error message saying "File is not a recognised video file". Tried Quick Stream Fix and it recognises tow separate audio streams, so it is at least opening the file, but still cannot recognise the video format. I have a...
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    H.264 version 598 AVG reports virus

    Installed version 598. As soon as installation is completed AVG version 9 reports a virus in MPEGEncoderDLL.dll. VRD will not start reports error 5 because MPEGEncoderDLL.dll is corrupt or missing. Not a good start............
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