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    VideoReDo on Linux?

    So was the problem with the driver support in older VRD v5, or was the problem with the driver implementations in older versions of Wine/Crossover? I think V5 is the highest I might be able to go, due to the circumstances. Thanks BTW for the work you have done here.
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    VideoReDo on Linux?

    NextPVR is an all-in-one type of program intended to record and watch live TV and streaming on your computer. It has a DVR-like interface with graphics and all, just like a cable company DVR. The schedule is separate, from Schedules Direct. You can either use NextPVR with a tuner/encoder...
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    VideoReDo on Linux?

    My version of VRD is v5.4 from Sept 24, 2018. My Linux tests were probably a few years back. So I never got around to testing on v6. The Crossover Linux program should be current with its internal version of Wine. So no need to install Wine if you are using Crossover Linux. I am a bit...
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    VideoReDo on Linux?

    I use Linux Mint on my everyday machine for most anything, but still use Videoredo on a separate, stand-alone Windows 7 machine with no Internet connection. I was able to install it onto Linux using Crossover Linux (a more refined version of Wine, sold by the main Wine developers). The...
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    DanR has passed away

    I'm so sorry to hear about Dan's passing. That must be difficult losing a friend and a partner in work, first and foremost. My sincere condolences to Dan H. :cry: Wonderful work you two did together.
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    No way to purchase a new license?

    P.S. In my quest for future-proofing things, I noticed I have been able to load VRD without the validation step, on an identical machine ( a corporate HP Compaq Elite 8300). The Windows 7/Videoredo installation was backed up/restored onto secondary machine using Clonezilla. Secondary machine...
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    No way to purchase a new license?

    I haven't had any indications regarding any need for annual licensing. In fact these recent threads are the first I ever heard about it. This is on a machine which hasn't been plugged into the Internet since I validated the VRD license years ago. Videos have been imported/exported in bulk...
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    Effective speed of i5 versus i7 with VRD?

    Hi all. I was just browsing through some PC sales and wondered about Gen 2 i5 versus i7 processors. In short, I am wondering if the Hyperthreading with the equivalent i7 processor would buy you anything. This is for gen 2 i5 (4-core, 4-thread) versus gen 2 i7 (4-core, 8-thread). P.S. Please...
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    FYI current version (734b?) breaks stability that 720b had

    Here you go. This included a reboot in-between installs, so no chance of double-pasting. The source file was raw output created by an HD-PVR2, driven by NextPVR, running at full bandwidth (13.5 MB/s) and no scaling. P.S. wow, the upload manager is pretty bad. I put both files into a zip...
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    FYI current version (734b?) breaks stability that 720b had

    I use Hauppauge HD-PVR2 units to generate my files (.ts files, full bandwidth, no "scaling"). VRD rev 720b was what I migrated to when I upgraded to version 5. It was solid as a rock, except for the QSF. That doesn't even start up on 720b. But I don't care, I just use the QSF from V4 if I...
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    So far so good

    I have finally upgraded to V5, and as expected it seems to be producing better video than V4. I just use it to cut and 2-pass compress H.264 output from a couple Hauppauge HD-PVR2 units. One fed from an automated setup using NextPVR, and one used with the manual capture software that comes...
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    Audio offset delay adjustment stored in custom profile??

    Hi, this is a small feature request. My original Beta timed out and I've been more busy than usual, so I apologize if this feature already exists in the newest version. Audio offset delay adjustment is a common setting I use for a large number of files that I process with the VRD Batch...
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    QSF on 707

    Nothing happens when I click on the file selection ellipsis on the Tools/QSF menu option. This is for version 707. P.S. I also have the Batch Manager running and paused.
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    So far so good

    I have finally had a break and had a chance to install the beta. First impressions were editing H.264 programs with many commercial cuts, the audio sync seems to hold up better towards the end of the video. With older versions, there were sometimes audio sync errors after a bunch of cuts in...
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    Continuation of "Exited" Batch project

    Hi, I see you have opened the public beta for VRD 5. I am posting here, but maybe should put it over there instead. I haven't had a chance to try it yet. My main idea of the day is this: If I am in the middle of 2-pass processing a file from the Batch Processor, and Exit the Batch Processor...
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    Remove "Abort Output" icon in the System Tray

    In the next release, could you guys please provide a way to get rid of the blasted "Abort Output" icon in the System Tray? I have inadvertently "aborted" many movies when all I intended to do was click on was the "Pause/Restore" icon. Bury a checkbox twelve levels deep in a hidden config menu...
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    680b Ultra-fast Preset and Slices Per Frame with H264 files

    Hi, I loaded version 680. The sticky thread above mentions these two options. The Ultra-fast Preset is explained, but the Slices Per Frame is only briefly mentioned. I wonder if the Slices setting, or any of the others, could be used to improve on the quality of the Ultra-fast Preset or not...
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    Edit Profile List question

    Hi, I am just wondering about the File Size Mode, located under the Intelligent Recode Options tab of the Advanced Options of the Profile Editor. I have been using two different sizes for File Size Mode. For most H264 TS movies, I set it to 4.4GB which conserves HDD space, can fit onto a...
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    TWC returns DNS page for ""

    Hi, I hope someone sees this since it is in an odd forum. On and off, I am getting a TWC DNS error/search page for "", but not for "". So it only affects my access to the forums, but not to the VRD product pages. Here's the URL for that...
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    Benchmarking of current VideoRedo H.264

    I am considering upgrading to a faster PC. I am just wondering if anyone has any data on performance from one processor to another. I have seen some online info, with regards to testing of specific processors. In it there are advantages to be had, but non-specific to VideoRedo. My current...
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