24cores or do I have to go to 32cores? (64no) Do not want all cores used. Video Processing...


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My concern is would I find a new 24 core at 100%.... I would be really, really ticked off realizing I should have gone to 32 cores
for the below situation. Do not want to find out the hard way... (1080p, 6Mbps x264.MP4s, TMPGEnc 7Video Master Works filters)

Well, I was shocked, my 3950x 16/32 cpu was at 98-100% once the second pass encoding started. Pass one was 60-70% which is fine.

This was a 6Mbps1080p.MP4 and it was horribly washed/whited out. I'm going to assume this was an artistic choice and
not gross incompetence.

I fixed it with TMPGEnc 7VideoMasteringWorks, changing contrast,luminance etc. (x264)
I do this a lot working with digitized tapes. Of course I don't use 6Mbps with them either. I use 1.5Mbps and a 16 core cpu is fine. (50-70%)

I've been wanting to have even more cores free. It can sit there and encode all day but I want to still be able
to use it to play games, recording etc. I would like half for my personal "fun" use.

Been planning on a 24 core Threadripper 5000 series if they ever come out. The "Threadripper Pro" series does not even have a 24 core cpu.
Think they are 12,16,32,64. So I can't even be sure the normal Threadrippers will still come out with a 24 core.

I'll go to 32 cores if I have to!...don't want to tho.

64 is a no. $4000 for a cpu is crazy if you are not making money with it.

Thoughts Welcome!
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