4,6 & 16 core info on Pass1&2, dvd.mpg > X264.mp4


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dvd.mpg to X264.mp4 VRD 762a Pro. Quality options increased.
Hyperthreads are ON for all...

4core cpu (Bios change on 6 core) @4.3Ghz

Pass1 80% -----=3 cores------2:20m,s
Pass2 80-90% =3.4cores----2:32m,s

Tot. 4minutes 52 sec. -----------161 fps --Pass2 12sec. longer

6core cpu @4.3Ghz

Pass1 - 60+% =4cores --- 1:50m,s
Pass2 -70% - =4.5cores - 1:49m,s

Tot. 3m,39s -------------------------210fps --Pass1&2 equal

16core cpu @3.9Ghz

Pass1 - 30+%-- =5cores --1:26m,s
Pass2 - 70+% =12cores --0:44s

Tot. 2m,10s-------------------------345fps---Pass2 Twice as fast

Turning on my ram XMP setting (3200 speed) gained 5fps, from 125 to130 fps on another test file.
(Default ram was...2200?,2400?)

Think I'm set finally. 16 core cpu voltage is 1.212...(39 degrees C over ambient) Have yet to crash dropping voltage.
Speed 3.9Ghz...3.925Ghz works but 3.950Ghz crashes. Good enough for now.

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