674b: Compressed stream error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow


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I am trying to create a DVD using VRD, composed of 7 episodes of a tv series cut from .ts files into .mpg, they have 1 MPEG2 video stream & 2 MP2 audio streams, when I attempt to create a DVD during the fast frame copy phase I get this error:

Compressed stream error: Audio Ring Buffer Overflow

How do I rectify this?


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This error usually indicates a severe loss of video. There are a couple things you can do:
1) Click on the menu: Tools>Options>Stream Parameters, make sure the "Double Video Buffer Memory" option is checked.
2) Then, try running Tools>QuickStream fix on your file.
If that doesn't work, Increase the buffer sizes to 1024 for audio and video. To increase the buffer sizes, click on the menu Tools>Shift+Options. The buffer sizes are items #13 and #14 on this screen. Set them to 1024 each and then restart VideoReDo and give it a try.
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