757b: Option to group profiles by container and codec??



About these changelog lines for TVSuite V5 - (Released 2017-09-25)
[Enhancement] Output profiles: Option to group profiles by container and codec.
[Change] Output Profiles: When grouping option is "none", change "Check/Uncheck group" to "Check/Uncheck All" and enable.
On this version, I looked in the following places:

  • Tools ⟹ Options ⟹ (all items)
  • Tools ⟹ Edit Output Profiles…
  • File ⟹ Save Video As… ⟹ Profile Options
  • Many other less likely places

But even after 30 minutes of searching I haven't found any place where I could select any grouping option in Output Profiles.
Please would you like to help a very unclever man?



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That shouldn't have been listed. That feature is currently only available in Pro. It will be included in the consumer version when we release v6.
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