808a Encoding Audio when it shouldn't

No matter what I set the profile as, it display 'Audio Recode required'. The file audio is AC3 2 channel 192Kbps 48K 16bit and I have audio set to automatic but it recodes it to 256Kbps. I'm using s/w encoder H.264/AVS M2TS but even if I select Match Source it still displays 'Audio Recode required'. Weird! because if the file I have just saved is then saved again it still displays 'Audio Recode required'. I've been using 808a since installed on 21/10 and it has worked fine right up to Friday when I last edited a file which I can confirm has 192Kbps audio. I have not changed any settings in any of the last betas as they all worked fine until today, 4/11.


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Do you have "transitions" for audio turned on?

Transitions don't work for MPGs but if the Audio option is on, it will affect the file.
Maybe it will affect your files also.
Thanks, jmc. That was it but I'm confused as to why it should change the audio to 256kbps if it's just supposed to fade the volume at the end. I though when I requested fades all those years ago that when it finally arrived you would just right click fade audio, like other editors. I forgot I used it yesterday to fade a recording with adverts but couldn't get it to work and then didn't remember to change it back. Age doesn't come easy. Need to write it down somewhere, like on my desktop. Thanks again.


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Good, glad I was able to help.
I did what you did...turned it on and forgot about it and then wondered whats with the "audio recode".

I do think that the "Transition" options should be in the Profile Options so we have more
fine tuned control.
Tools>Options affects everything.
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