811 (re)installation issue, for hardware encoder



I just went to install 811a over the top of VRD 811 (I had forgotten I already installed it previously) and something funny happened.
I have a 3900X with RTX 2060 Super video card.

(I am currently doing bulk nvenc based transcoding with ffmpeg and have 2x concurrent jobs running, using all 2 of the video card's available nvenc hardware encoders)


1. I went to install VRD6 811a and the only selectable menu choice for encoder during installation was "software", the other 2 choices were greyed out. Hmm.

So I cancelled the VRD6 install at that point, aborted 2x currently running ffmpeg based transcodes (in case they were causing a mis-detection), and started the 811a install again.

2. Now, I no longer see the same installation prompts eg "scene cut" etc. It's like standard windows install dialogue boxes. So I aborted the install.

3. Then went to run the existing VRD6 and the configuration wizard starts running. What ? I had re-started the 2x ffmpeg encoding jobs ... and now the wizard doesn't let me choose anything other than software encoder. Hmm.

It seems the VRD6 installation screwed itself up in regard to hardware encoder ?


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Usually all the install selections can be changed after the install is done.


Sorry, I'm not sure.
I did reboot this morning for something else, then restarted the ffmpeg tasks.
Just now I just re-stopped the ffmpeg tasks to install 812 and that worked fine, it recognised nvidia encoding as an option (which I selected).

It may be time for me to test and reconsider my workflows to go entirely to VRD v6
... after checking on the VRD deinterlacer - I RELY on ffmpeg's yadif filter and I don't at the moment recall what VRD6 does, i.e. how smart/good it is by comparison
... any advice would be much appreciated.

edit: ah, https://videoredo.net/msgBoard/index.php?threads/audio-compression-still-unusable-for-movies.36972/ seems to suggest dynamic leveling isn't great for movies (I rely on ffmpeg's loudnorm filter) although I have't tried it.
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possibly support yadif. It's something we are going to try internally as it opens up other functionalities for us.
Thank you.

Of interest, ffmpeg has a cuda version however I got no extra speed from it, possibly due to the gpu <-> memory transfers, and stayed with the cpu version in the end. Donald Graft is a huge mine of invaluable information as you no doubt already know :)

May I gently encourage you to consider a version of yadif at your convenience ? It worked acceptably enough for me.

dynamic leveling isn't great for movies
Also at your convenience, would it be possible to perhaps consider something for audio in regard to, say, loudnorm, or maybe for dynamic levelling to be "better" for movies ?
I currently use loudnorm audio filter in ffmpeg, however it requires a first pass of all of the audio to determine parameters and then a second pass to apply adjustments; I'm happy to live with it anyway because of the results.
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