Ad-Detective non-functional


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I just upgraded to the latest beta -- help/about -- - Jan 12 2018.

When I choose Ad-Detective, the main screen closes, the small status screen that I get when I save a file opens, and nothing happens. I've waited and VRDPro eventually says that there's a problem and I have to abort.

I've checked the Ad-Detective menu and it's settings do not have a quiet mode or any setting that appears to impact this. I've also check the main settings, but didn't see anything.

I find that interactive Ad-Detective works the best for me. How do I get it back.


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Go to Tools>Options>Enhanced features. You'll see "Use Interactive Ad-Detective" checkbox at the lower right.

I'm curious about the failure you're getting in non-interactive mode. Do you see the "scanning output dialog" with a progress bar?
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