Ad-Detective Profile Sort


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Hi guys, I love the new version 6 that I have just upgraded to, just one little problem.

We used to be able to save the ad-detective profiles to our hard drive in version 5, where they were then neatly sorted alphabetically.

Now we can save the profile and it sits to the left of the ad-detective screen. This is much better and far more efficient; however, I have a list of about 30 channels saved as I needed them.
I am able to sort the main profile file alphabetically and my saved ad-detective files show sorted, but when I go to ad-detective they remain unsorted.

Would be great if this could be an option as I have to find my channel and would be easier if sorted.

Otherwise very happy, also with having the output profile now matching the input profile. I don't have to check what the original input was. I have many different channels with different outputs.

Thanks for a great program that I have been using for 8 years now.
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