Advance Button Error (minor issue)


Hi guys, just installed 705a, opened one of my 1080/50p files to cut a title (text credit) off the end before i created a new one, and as soon as i clicked the 3rd Advance button (skips every 30 seconds) i get the error you see in the screenshot below.

It has only happened so far on 3 files i randomly selected in a folder of 60 of my edited 1080/50p mts files, and some of the others i picked to test were fine.

All the files in that folder have a text title at the start, and after testing several files with no title they seem to work.

on one file i pressed the button once and it worked, but on the 2nd press i got this error.

Oddly enough tho, if i click OK in that error box, when i press the button again it works.

I am not concerned about it, i would be if it did this on every file, and if it repeatedly happened every time i click that button, so i am not sure why this is happening, just wanted to report it because it was not there in 704.



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Glen, MrV is correct, update that value to 5000 msec. There was an incorrect setting in the early betas which incorrectly set it to 1000 instead of the correct default of 5000.
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