Alternatives to TiVo for Recording and Retrieval to VideoReDo


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I've used TiVo in conjunction with VideoReDo for years (probably going back to late 2000's) for my editing and archival needs, and while it might not be imminent, I get the feeling this is coming to end. Last fall the FCC ruled the cable industry is no longer required to provide CableCARDs, and things realistically are not looking great at TiVo between this ruling and engineers and other bigwigs leaving there (Dave Zatz has had a lot on that), not to mention the failure of their Stream 4K product. Additionally, providers are probably trying to transition away from QAM to IPTV.

With all of that in mind, I think it would be prudent to start preparing for a post TiVo world. It's a shame, I don't think anything could match the ease and simplicity of offloading shows from a TiVo box with Dan's pyTivo or kmttg and editing with VideoRedo and then archiving to my NAS. Cable Co boxes will certainly be locked down with no way to manually retrieve files from them, and while it seems like there are some HDMI splitters that you could connect to the HDMI out port to remove HDCP, it would be a colossal hassle to find something to manually record onto from the cable box, and then copy that file onto my workstation PC. I'm curious as to any alternatives that anyone here might already be using or be aware of for the day when TiVo will no longer be viable.


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Try the Channels DVR. It can record internet streams using a technology called TV Anywhere that a lot of the traditional cable channels support. It's not perfect, as the quality is typically 720p with stereo audio, but it's plenty watchable. And it records as standard TS files so they're editable in VideoReDo.

It also supports HDHomeRun for OTA, and even for cable if you can find an HDHR Prime and install a CableCARD. (which obviously has the same impending end date as TiVo)

The UI for the DVR itself isn't as good as TiVo but it's usable enough and the data plan is only $80/year so it's cheaper than TiVo. Plus it's headless so you can watch using any streaming device on any TV in the house.
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