Anyone using HandBrake in VAP postprocessing script?


VAP (and VAP6) has always been able to run HandBrake in a VAPpostprocess.bat or .cmd script. I have in the past provided such scripts that just required substituting a few variables to customize for a particular user. HandbrakeCLI.exe, the command line version of HandBrake, has changed enough that the scripts I provided probably will not work without some significant modification.

I’ve been experimenting and have learned enough to produce an updated postProcess script, but also to run HB directly from a program such as VAP6. This includes being able to access and use all the “presets”, including custom presets, defined in the GUI version of HB.

So I’m wondering if there is significant user interest in additional coding effort to facilitate the use of HB for encoding, in conjunction with VAP6. I envision several forms this could take;
1. An updated VAPpostprocess script.
2. A new program similar to VAP6 but using HB for encoding videos.
3. An augmented version of VAP6 that integrates both HB and VRD encoding options.

Note that in no case am I envisioning something completely independent of VRD TVSute 6. The quick-stream fix (QSF) function is a powerful capability that will be maintained in all cases.


I do use HandBrake in VAP postprocessing script.
Currently still on VRD, VAP 1.41, HandBrake CLI 1.3.3.

I explored a lot but eventually simplified to basically:
set hbOptions= --preset "Apple 1080p30 Surround"

Which eventually ends up with this command line:
"C:\Program Files\Handbrake\HandBrakeCLI.exe" --input "V:\Misc\VAP\4_QSF_compress_plex_naming_detection\vap_out\Star Trek Discovery - S01E13 - What's Past Is Prologue.mpg" --output "V:\Misc\VAP\4_QSF_compress_plex_naming_detection\vap_post\Star Trek Discovery - S01E13 - What's Past Is Prologue.m4v" --preset "Apple 1080p30 Surround"

When I first started batch processing my ATSC recordings I liked the HandBrake output over VRD. If / when I move to VAP6 I may just switch to using VRD encoding.
I'm fine with any of your options. I tend to just stick with one preset, so I would not be a driver for more advanced options.


Thanks for the reply, @foosatraz. It seems you are doing fine on your own. Considering that and the very underwhelming response to this thread (1 reply after 2 months and 111 views) I don’t think any further development by me is justified. If convenient you might consider posting your VAPpostprocess script, which might be useful to another user (if there is one).


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I use HB also in postprocess script with custom presets.

set hbOptions= --preset-import-file "TV (SD)".json -Z "TV (SD)"

use the latest handbrakecli
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