Aspect ratio correction

I have a few mpg4 videos that I need to edit but they also default to the wrong aspect ratio when viewed. Basically they are 4x3 videos stretched to 16x9. If I play in VLC, I can manually change the aspect ratio to 4x3 and it plays fine. Obviously its not being re-coded in real time so I suspect there is just some field in the file that can be changed to make them play as 4x3 automatically.

Is there a way to do that at the same time I edit the files? I mean without re-coding the file.

If I change the profile option in VideoRedo from "no change" to "4:3" it doesn't seem to do anything. The output still plays with the original bad aspect ratio and the video program info still says "16:9". None of the then available Aspect Correction options are what I'm trying to do but apparently re-code the entire file anyway.

I would prefer to fix this in VideoRedo but if not possible, what can I use (that doesn't re-code)


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VideoReDo can not change the aspect of the H.264 header, like it can with MPEG-2. However if you output to MP4 or MKV the aspect is set in the container and some players will use that instead of the one i. The H.264 stream. Theinky way to change the actual stream is to do a full recode.
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