Assign frame as thumbnail for mp4 file


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Is it possible to assign a thumbnail from a frame, or graphic file, when saving a mp4 file? Such that the selected frame appears when the file is viewed in most file manager programs? How would I do that?

All my searches for "thumbnail" refer to the thumbnail bar in the edit view.



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The only time I've seen such an option is in the file viewer itself.

Don't remember which one but one had an option to not display a "black screen" frame.


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For anyone interested, here is my workaround. After saving my edited video file, I reload it in VR and save the frame I want to use for the video thumbnail, as a PNG file.

Then I open Tagscan (which I traditionally use to edit audio file metadata), and drag the video into the Tagscan window. Selecting the video file in Tagscan, I then add a "cover" photo selecting the PNG frame capture. Then "Save".

Refreshing the File Explorer view, then displays the frame capture as the video file's thumbnail, instead of a seemingly random thumbnail.
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