Audio sync issue...


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This problem does NOT originate with VideoRedo but I THINK with TCM which showed the movie 1776 in a lovely new HD version where the audio does not sync properly. It's a fixed difference where, after conversion to MPG using VideoRedo, is corrected in VLC Media Player by subtracting 1.5 ms in the audio stream relative to the video.
That's a temporary correction. I attempted to fix it in Premiere Pro which did NOT like the MPG output from VideoRedo AT ALL. Video runs extremely fast compared to the soundtrack which does not completely import (ends as the fast video ends, where the video goes to the end and the audio, running way behind, does not).
Is there a way to fix this issue within VideoRedo? OR is there a way to get a reliable output (spent the time to build an MP4 using the h264 output in VRD, no soap, has similar problems in my editing suite).
I'd love to be able to fix this so it doesn't have to be adjusted for each viewing of the movie. Any ideas? Thanks...
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