Automated translation

What do you think of the automated translation?

  • Translation is very useable as is.

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  • Translation is OK. Not great but acceptable as is.

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  • A good starting point, but needs minor modifications.

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  • A starting point, but needs major modifications.

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  • Terrible translation. Doesn't make any sense.

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We are looking at whether Google's automated translation service would be useful for us and would appreciate feedback from user's who are fluent in languages besides English.

Here's a link to a page which can be translated using a pull-down menu at the bottom of the page.

Please tell us what you think both in the poll and with comments. We know that the buttons and graphics need resizing for languages like French and German, so please don't take that into account in your voting and comments.

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Hi Dan,
sorry I can't find a pull-down menu at the bottom of that related page. Using that one on the top which is leading to a German-language page for VRD PLus 2.5 shows an older outlay which isn't comparable with the English-language page concerning the newest V4. Apart from that the German text is very usable as is.

P.S: Why such a short timeout for making a reply like this? I'm always be forced to re-login after writing some lines. Or anything wrong with my forum options?


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Well, I voted for the third option but with light tendency to the fourth. The biggest problem seems to be the sentence / clause position, which sometimes makes it not easy to catch the real sense. I think the translation problems will be more obvious at documents like helpfiles because they are more complicated and complex.


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You might be using the wrong selector. There should be a choice of about 10 languages


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Perhaps you should additionaly mention that the selector is located in the bottommost left corner including a small multicolored Google-logo outside the origin VRD frame.
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