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"Now AV1 can be accelerated by graphics hardware,"

Ok,it is not clear to me if there is dedicated encode/decode hardware in the new gen Xe/Ampere/"Big Navi" Intel/Nvidia/AMD GPUs or not.
Or that AV1 will be just using some of the computing ability of the GPUs to decode only.

See, I have had really poor data rates from NetFlix... (DSL 6Mbps max), Prime video gives me 5-6Mbps, NetFlix=0.547 Mbps)
Approx 484 MB for 3 (39 minute) episodes. So maybe 160 MB per 39 minute show...
0.547 Mbps (if I did the math correctly?).

Netflix, once the show is running, sends data (4-5Mbps) for 2 seconds out of around 12 seconds. (@mid morning or @4am)
So 10 seconds of zero data coming in then two seconds of 4-6Mb.
Not even standard definition quality.

I only watched my data rate in task manager not my cpu use. So wondering if I was getting AV1 compressed video or not.
I wouild expect a noticeable increase in cpu use if it was decompressing an AV1 video stream with my 16/32 core cpu.

Don't know how you tell what is actually streaming in.
(oh, yes...firefox)

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