Batch manager and renewal problem


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I posted Monday about the batch manager not working after installing VRDPro-6-92-11-823a.

I have just purchased an upgrade key for VideoPro 6 from VideoPro 5.

The already installed version of VRDPro-6-92-11-823a was now giving the expired/upgrade message with the license screen.

I simply entered the newly purchased key and again tried the dysfunctional batch manager.

To my surprise, the batch manager then worked as per normal.



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The batch manager works by calling a hidden version of VideoReDo. When there is a license/key issue sometimes that hidden version of VideoReDo can display a dialog that blocks all functionality, but because it's hidden the user can’t dismiss the dialog. I thought I squashed all the places this could happen but apparently not. It's pretty rare, so not a top priority fix.
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