Beta Build 2.5.1 - 490 has been uploaded for testing.

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Beta Build of VideoReDo Plus 2-5-1-490 is now available.

Latest Beta Download:
All Betas can be found here:

Release Notes:
490 - Fix: Check for tablePointer overflow when opening a transport stream. Bad data could cause "unknown catch".
490 - Enhance: Support for new CRID file structure using .rec file.
490 - Enhance: Added Shift+Tools>Options, "Add GOP Timecode to all GOPs" to add GOP header time codes to GOPs which don't have them.
489 - Fix: Help file changes lost in build 488.
488 - Change: Trial warning screens changed to ease translation.
487 - Fix: Unable to capture first frame of the file as soon as the file was opened.
487 - Fix: When opening a file, sometimes the 2nd frame would be displayed rather than the first.
487 - Fix: Switching to Preview in scene mode while cursor was at "end marker" position would sometimes cause VideoReDo to hang in a loop.
487 - Fix: If using the slider button and warning is displayed that the file requires QSF, the mouse capture isn't fully released from the slider.
487 - Fix: If "Resync - Add Video Frame is selected" it was possible for temporal references to be calculated incorrectly. This resulted in an output file that would not pass a subsequent QSF.
486 - Enhance: Batch quiet mode, will now longer display video. Fixes problem when running VRD in the background when MCE is running. To use this feature, set "Do not display video in silent batch" to true, in Shift+Tools>Options.
486 - Fix: Video driver DX-Multi with YUV off would crash when imaged moved to different monitor.
486 - Fix: Installation Wizard would not paint and clear background correctly if user was running with large fonts (120 DPI).
485 - Change: Help file updated to reflect all changes since last official release (Build 445).
485 - Enhance: Ability to call a user defined application using Shift+File>Queue To Batch. Command to be called specified on Shift+Tools>Options.
485 - Enhance: Frame Capture, Added Shift+Tools>Options to specify number of lines to omit from the capture.
485 - Change: Audio will default to DirectSound.
485 - Fix: Remove user data option (Shift+Tools>Options) wasn't properly updating the frame size.
485 - Fix: Menu View>Zoom In/Out were not grayed out if video wasn't opened.
485 - Fix: Background graphic of "Registered To" on splash screen could be messed up.
485 - Change: Thumbnails, would redraw all TNs when cut list was changed.
485 - Fix: DVR-MS file where sequence header didn't start at the beginning of a packet had sync and seek issues.
485 - Change: Removed "QuickEdit" from installation wizard.
484 - Fix: Another fix for the font overwrite in start/end selection times.
483 - Fix: Draw of sliders and some text boxes on the main screen could be messed up if there overlapping windows.
483 - Fix: If adding multiple VPRJ files at one time to the joiner using using either drag or multiple file open, a "replace cut" message might be shown if VideoReDo is running in scene mode.
483 - Change: Log file date changed from mm/dd/yy to YYYY-mm-dd (ISO time).
482 - Change: VideoReDo Batch, displays progress for each output file processed in the batch file (i.e. 1/5, 2/5, etc).
482 - Change: DVR-MS, Tivo and Topfield (.rec) output options are turned on by default when option is specified in wizard.
482 - Enhance: Added option on shift+Tools>Options to remove User_data blocks from the video stream. User_data blocks contain closed caption data, plus possibly unknown stuff.
482 - Enhance: Added option to help menu to display the log file. Default is to use notepad.exe, but display application can be changed via shift+Tools>Options.
482 - Change: Default log file location is now: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\VideoReDoPlus
482 - Change: Display Log file PIDs for topfield metadata wasn't masking out high order bits (i.e. x43a was displaying x843a).
481 - Fix: Build 479+ would not work on Win98SE.
481 - Change: For new installations, log file folder defaults to: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\VideoReDoPlus
481 - Change: BitOutputStream, If unknown error, show the Windows error code and text in the log file.
481 - Change: Installer will now wait for Wizard to complete before finishing and launching VRD for the first time.
480 - Fix: Saving AC3 5.1 to WAVE/LPCM elementary stream (.WAV) would create a bad WAVE header.
480 - Fix: Back by single frame in preview mode would intermittently cause a jump to start of file.
479 - Change: Ctrl+X no longer exits. Use the Windows standard Alt+F4.
479 - Fix: Pressing ESC in the audio sync adjustment window would prevent it from opening again until the next file open.
479 - Fix: Closing a Tivo file would not release the file handle preventing deletion until VideoReDo was terminated.
479 - Enhance: VMR7 and VMR9 selections added to the Tools>Options>Playback Devices page. Both are officially supported.
479 - Enhance: New Installation wizard with more file options and folder settings. Ability to set VideoReDo Favorite Places for MCE and Tivo.
479 - Enhance: New Tools>Options>Favorite Places to replace the icons on the left side of the file open dialog.
478 - Fix: Batch would report invalid number of parameters if all options were used at once.
478 - Enhance: Alpha testing of VMR7 and VMR9 display routines.
478 - Fix: Estimated time remaining on output was wrong when using joiner.
475 - Change: Time code will now display in Drop Frame Mode for all NTSC 29.97 material.
475 - Change: Thumbnails, default timecode font size to 10 pts rather than system default.
475 - Fix: Multi-monitor support for RGB much improved.
475 - Fix: COM's SetAudioOutputCodec, codec type of "3" (AC3), should have returned an error.
474 - Enhance: New option on Tools>Options>DVRMS to set metadata values for database association to -1.
474 - Enhance: On Tools>options Stream page, ability to output 29.97 FPS Video with drop frame flag.
474 - Change: Multi-monitor now OFF by default.
474 - Fix: Output options dialog, Max GOP size was not displaying correctly on initial display.
474 - Enhance: Ability to set the color of the selection timecode display on the Tools>Options>Startup page.
474 - Fix: Thunbmail audio graph wasn't displaying all audio if thumbnail interval > single frame.
474 - Change: Ability to save thumbnail audio levels to the log file for debugging purposes.
474 - Change: Ability to display timecode with hundreths of seconds rather than frame count using shift+Tools>Options.
473 - Fix: Thumbnail audio graph wasn't using the last couple of audio frames in the graph in the scaling algorithm. Broken in 472.
472 - Fix: Program would hang if joining mulitple DVR-MS files.
472 - Change: Tighten up the audio graph so only the sample displayed are factored into the line scaling.
471 - Fix: Possible GPF when closing VRD due to thead pointers being reset too quickly.
471 - Fix: Accept AC3 packets even if they don't have a timestamp.
471 - Fix: Multi-monitor now works with NVidia cards.
471 - Fix: COM, GetThumbnailInterval returning msec/10 instead of msec.
471 - Fix: DVR-MS, closed caption processing could cause buffer overflow and crash if the start of picture packet was too short.
470 - Fix: If in scene mode and preview mode and Edit>Undo caused all cuts to be deleted, VideoReDo could loop.
470 - Fix: Would not save an output segment of a few frames.
470 - Fix: "Transitions" message box displayed in 469 removed.
469 - Change: Verison check page name moved to resource file so that different languages can each check in their own language.
469 - Change: New multi-monitor video driver is now the default driver.
469 - Fix: Transport stream opens, improved reading of PMT. Shift+Tools>Options parameter to determine how many copies of each PMT need to be read.
469 - Fix: In batch manager could not save to DVR-MS format (type ignored) if file/project was added in the manager. Queue to batch worked OK.
469 - Fix: Batch/COM, if saving a file with AC3 audio that is recoded the MPEG audio, the output filename would be .ac3 instead of .mpa.
468 - Fix: Write error during Tool>Trim and Copy would hang the program. Now an appropriate error message is displayed.
468 - Fix: Audio volume adjustment would change values each time the adjustment window opened.
468 - Fix: If zoom size changed via mouse, new zoom width would not be saved.
467 - Fix: Tools>Options>File Types, clicking on "Now" button would register all file types, not just the ones marked associate.
467 - Change: For TS files broadcast with ATSC (USA digital broadcasts), the audio will default to AC3 stream if there is one.
467 - Enhance: Much faster processing of TS PMT tables. For some files this will result in a much faster file open.
467 - Enhance: HD audio sync. For HD files with very high bit rates, software mpeg decoding could not keep audio and video sync. If playback sync gets too far behind, will drop frames until the next GOP to keep sync. Only affects playback in editing mode. Preview mode still could lag behind. File saving was never affected.

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Build 446 is now available:

Please note: This beta build has had a great many internal code changes and has not received extensive testing so please check your output files before deleting the originals.

Tivo, TopField (rec), and MCE (dvrms) output is only enabled for registered users. This restriction will remain until we have verified the quality of the output.
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Build 447 is now available:

This build addresses a timing issue with 720P material that uses the progressive pull down flag. A Canadian broadcaster recently started using this encoding technique.

Improved timestamps calculations at cut points and during re-sync. Please make sure you test your output before deleting the original files.

If you are using multiple monitors, we now support YUV acceleration on all monitors. This will speed up output and create a better looking image on secondary displays. You will need to enable this option using the new "Manual options" setting (see below).

We've added a new "Manual Options" dialog which can be used to set certain parameter options without having to use the windows registry. This feature can be used by holding down the shift key while selecting Tools>Options from the menu.

VideoReDo can now be used with Sage TV HD files. Sage HD audio packets are not properly formed and caused prior versions of VideoReDo to drop the audio. Using the manual options (see above), you can allow VideoReDo to accept this data.

Topfield .REC output is still not complete. We've fixed the GPF when outputting .rec files with source material that didn't contain metadata, but there are still some formatting issues to be ironed out. We will endevour to correct these as soon as possible.


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Build 450:

Fixes a few errors that were introduced in 447 (sorry). 447 had major changes to the timing code to properly handle the 3:2 pulldown for 50 fps HD material. We think we've caught all the reported errors, such as sequence errors, extra resync frames, intermittent crash when encoding.

VideoReDo now supports 4:2:2 video. This format is primarily used by TV broadcasters.


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Important note for Build 450 users: Please disable the Movie Factory Option on the Tools>Options>General page. Use of this option will cause VideReDo to report sequence errors. In our testing it appears that feature is no longer necessary.


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Build 455 is now available, major updates:

1) No more Movie Factory option. We've found a way to bypass the sync issues with old versions of Movie Factory.

2) Ability to change the audio output volume. See Tool>Audio Adjustment. Note, this will force an audio recode to 2 channel MPEG audio, so if you have AC3 audio (2.0 or 5 channel) it will be converted.

3) Batch will now run quite silently if you check the silent option.

4) Audio alerts in batch will only be issued on the last file in the batch command file, not on each one. You must have audio alerts enabled on the Tools>Options>Audio Alerts. (Note there was a slight change to this dialog).

5) File sorting in VLST has been changed so that VTS_01_10.vob will follow: VTS_01_9.vob. This feature only works on WinXP. Win2K or 98 will continue to sort to using a strict string comparison. CRID users, please check that we didn't mess anything up with this.

6) .REC users, please see if we fixed the .rec file problem. Made a slight change, but are unable to test it.


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Build 456 is now available:

1) .rec output has been re-written. Hopefully it will work this time :)

2) New output type .tivo. If source and destination file types are .tivo, the Tivo meta data will be copied.

3) New version number property in COM.

4) Fix: Navigation problem where dragging a mouse outside of one of the auto-repeat navigation buttons, when the left mouse button was pressed, would send VRD into an infinite repeat mode.


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Build 459 is now available:

1) Another try at Toppy .rec output. Please test on both 5800 and 5000 files. We haven't heard from the 5000 users.

2) Couple AC3 problems, 44.1KHz audio and PS output with the bit rate > 512Kbps.

3) Batch output to .rec and DVRMS formats fixed.

(Other minor fixes and changes. Please see release notes at the top of the thread).


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Build 460 is now available. Please see the release notes for changes.

Things to check out:

1) DVRMS - Now supports NTSC closed captioning. This not only works with closed captions in DVRMS files, but closed captions to and from standard MPEG files will be processed as well. I.e. If you open a DVRMS file and save it as an MPEG file the closed captions will be preserved.

Still not clear on PAL closed captioning and would be glad to hear from our MCE / PAL users.

2) DVRMS - New metadata processing. Please see the Tools>Options>DVRMS output. There are a variety of ways to change the metadata text. Also, if you enable the "Reset date / time to the current day", the edited file will appear at the top of the My Recordings List when you sort by date. Of course, you'll lose the original recording date and time.

3) DVRMS - Still a problem with FF and RW when using the NVidia Pure Decoder. Don't know why yet, we have a developer looking into it. If you see this problem (the video runs at high speed after exiting FF or RW, audio plays normally), try hitting Pause / Stop / or Skip to reset things. And, if you see this problem and are using a different decoder, please let us know as well.

4) Topfield - OK, one more time on this. There's a new Topfield options page (Tools>Options>Topfield). Here you can set the default .rec format, TF5000 or TF5800. If you open and save a .rec file the format will be overriden to the type of file opened. I.e. When opening and saving to a .rec file, the output format will always be the same as the input format regardless of the option setting.


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Build 461 is now available:

1) Topfield .rec file fixes have been incorporated.

2) New COM function to AbortOutput.

3) Saving a project will add the project name to the recently used file list.

We have not heard from any dvrms users about our metadata improvements or closed caption support. Any feedback on that would be appreciated.


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Build 462 is now available:

Important: If you are saving to DVRMS, Topfield REC or Tivo, you must now enable these output files on the Shift+Tools>Options>Manual Page. In previous versions they were enabled at installtion, but that is no longer the case.

1) For European users, batch has been significantly improved with the support of ANSI characters. To enable this feature, go to Shift+Tools>Options>Manual and enter the word "escape" (no quotes) into the "Batch code page" field. This will cause all ansi characters to be translated when creating a command file. You can also try entering 1250 into this field. The code page number seems to work for many European character sets, but isn't as univeral as the escape feature.

2) Topfield users, the new meta data template functions have been enabled on the Tools>Options>Topfield page. You can create a template for the event name and short description. These templates serve let you modify the meta data in the output file. To preserve the meta data without modification, simply put {ORIG} and {ORIG} in the event text and short description text. The Default Text field will be used as meta data if the source is NOT a .rec file.


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Build 463:

1) Fixed .Tivo and .rec file types not being enabled.

2) Change: If the log file folder is set to ".", the log file will be placed in the current folder.


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Build 464:

1) Fixed. DVR-MS FF/RW problem with NVidia Decoder ??

2) Minor fixes, see release notes.


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Build 465:

1) Better processing of LPCM packets with the "Improper AC3..." option is set.

2) Timings incorrectly calculated when the frame rate was 23.976 FPS.

3) Increased DVR-MS buffer sizes in the DVR-MS writer. Please let us know if this resolves the DVR-MS output problems we had.

4) BTV meta data fix and new flag to omit meta data.


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Build 466:

1) New feature in this build is the ability to zoom the timeline. This has been a long-requested item, which may or may not make it into a final release. Most of it has been in the product for some time, but we finally put enough finishing touches on it to make it useable.

Keyboard commands are:
Z - toggle zoom on or off.
F7/F8 - shrink or enlarge the zoom area.
"," or "." - move the zoom area left or right.

Mouse users:
The view menu has menu equivalents for the F7/F8.
You can move the zoom by dragging the center of the zoom box left or right. The zoom size can be changed by dragging the edges of the zoom box.

Enabling zoom:
Zoom is NOT enabled by default. To turn it on use, the Shift+Tools>Options dialog "Allow Navigation to be zoomed"

As always, feedback, positive, negative, or even an "I don't care about it please work on the the 100 other items that have been requested" is welcome.
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Beta Build 468:

1) New video drivers which should eliminate tearing and better handle multi-monitor systems. To use the new drivers, click on shift+Tools>Options and set "Multi-Monitor" to "true".

2) Crash on Splash should be fixed.


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Beta Build 469:

1) Updated multi-monitor driver from build 468 is now the default. Want to be sure everyone is testing it.

2) DVR-MS output from batch wasn't working.

3) Transport stream open improvements from 468 needed more improvements.

See release notes for the rest.


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Beta Build 470 posted:

1) Fixed the "transitions" message box displayed in 469.

2) Short frame cuts should now work.


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Beta Build 472 & 473 posted:

1) Running multi-monitor code on Nvidia should be fixed. FYI, multi-monitor option is default on, regardless of the previous setting.

2) Improvements in the audio graph scaling.

3) Joining DVR-MS files could sometimes fail. This has been corrected.

4) If anyone was getting a crash on close, either closing the video or the application, this appears to have been fixed. Please let us know if you had the problem in the past and if it has been addressed.

Note: 473 posted to correct a thumbnail audio scaling problem introduced in 472.
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Beta Build 475 has been posted:

1) Multi-monitor back on by default (475). Should be working much better. Please let us know.

2) DVRMS, ability to set the database metadata indicies to -1. Should prevent MCE from seeing as a duplicate database item.

3) All 29.97 material will now be displayed in industry standard drop frame mode.

Please see release notes at the top of the thread for a complete list of changes and fixes.
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