Beta Version 6 Expired?


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I need a bit of help
I've been trying out Version 6 & it's very good with X265 HEVC, etc for compressing my library
when it expired in the past I Installed the latest Beta ...
But now I can't use it anymore?
it will not load past " This pre-release test version of VideoReDo has expired. Please use the latest release and / or check our message board for later pre-release versions."
I've tried un-installing / re-installing with the latest version (which it was)
My Version 5 is working good but version 6 isn't and just won't load?


Mine has expired too. I expect that a new beta release will be posted soon and, as they have done previously, the expiry date will be reset. They’re just running a bit late probably in order to squeeze in as many fixes as possible.
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Am I correct in understanding that I can use the "Update from Version 4 to version 5" option and supply a version 5 key and I will then get a version 6 key when the product is released? And, more importantly, will this result in bypassing the beta timeout machinery?


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Thanks .. latest version 6 is up and running
I thought version 6 Beta's had ended .. next time I'll wait a day

Is there an ETA of when VideoReDo Version 6 will be released ?
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