Can a corrupt video lead to Video Card driver problems, which in turn, cause bootloops?


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Is there any chance, playing a corrupt video (especially a .ts recording which AFAIK, is a file relatively prone to corruption), could possibly cause video card driver corruption, which in turn, causes a bootloop?
Like, for example, a corrupt video triggering a bug in the media player, the hardware decoder or a specific video driver version resulting in something like that?

I am trying to diagnose the exact cause behind two cases of "CRITICAL SERVICE FAILED" bootloops I got during the 9 months on my new PC, both unrepairable, leading to reinstalling Windows 10, both attributed to the video card driver.
While it could certainly be a number of things, both bootloops started right after playing .ts videos with a specific video player (one of the most popular) showing the same renderer error. No instant BSOD, but on the very next boot attempt (and ever since), bootloop starts...
Safe mode / other advanced startup options as well cmd line tricks such as "Fixboot" and "Dism" would all fail and while System Restore saved me the first time around, the second time (a few days ago), it failed too, leaving me no choice but reinstalling Windows...

I understand video driver corruption can also occur after improper uninstalling/updating it (without using DDU for example), but I wasn't messing with the drivers when the problems started (maybe in the past, but in that case, wouldn't the bootloop occur the same day?).
I also understand it could very well be a coincidence, with the media player renderer error being the symptom rather than the cause, but I couldn't help but notice a pattern and I thought I'd ask whether anyone in here has any idea if something like that is possible and if not, what else it could be.


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There is nothing about a video stream that can cause an issue like that. Videos are encoded using a standard which any decoder written to spec should be able to decode without issue. Unless the video has some sort of crazy embedded virus I can't imagine how simply playing a video would cause this sort of failure. If there is any correlation I'd look to the player itself rather than the video. Maybe it has some kind of bug that is corrupting your system somehow. Or maybe it's triggering your antivirus to do something it shouldn't.
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