Can I Quickfix and cut/convert in the same batch file?


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I've found that I get better results if I run the Quickstream Fix first before before using the project file to cut out the ads and convert to 720p MP4. However, I wonder if there's a way to do that whole process sequentially in the same batch file, possibly on a number of different videos? It appears that you first have to save the Quickfixed file in a different location, then replace the original, and finally run the Vprj file to make the cuts and convert the format to mp4. I have another program that creates the Vprj files which I first edit to get them frame-perfect.

Also, if the Vprj relates to the original file rather than the Quickfixed one, does that cause any mismatches when you go to cut ads, or should I do the Quickfix before attempting to produce the Vprj file? I'd like to batch process this whole thing, but it may not be possible.
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