Can I run TVS4 and TVS6 on the same machine

Randy Reid

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I just bought the 4 to 6 upgrade but I am worried about putting 6 on the same machine as 4.
I want to be able to run 4 and 6 side by side a few times before I stop using 4 just in case I do not like 6 and also to copy my custom profile settings from 4 to 6.
Can I install 6 on the same machine as I currently have 4 and still be able to use both independently?


I think the answer is yes. I’ve got TVS5 and TVS6 installed with no issues. My only reason for keeping TVS5 around is I still support a version of VAP for it, although I’m not sure anyone is still using it.


From my perusing of this forum I can say that importing profiles from earlier versions of VRD is not recommended. Newer versions bring different options in the profiles and a straight copy across can apparently create problems.


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Yes they will install in separate folders and will no interfere with one another at all. Copying profiles should work. For the most part I took steps to convert the older settings in the new profiles. But you should double check after they're imported to ensure nothing got lost in translation.

Randy Reid

New member
The answer is yes. I am running both V4 and V6 on the same machine and there are no issues.
Thanks for the feed back. I was afraid of loosing V4.
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