Cannot open .MTS file


This is a piece trimmed off a file captured on a Canon XA-25 camera ... it's recording with LPCM stereo audio.

VRDpro cannot open this - says no PIDs found in transport stream.

If you select "ignore transport stream maps", the file opens, video is present, audio is present, but audio is all digital noise.

VRD recognizes the audio as SMPTE302M, 2 channels, all seems to be OK ... it's just noise, like the bytes are reversed or inverted or somethin

clip is here :

If there's any way to hurry a fix on this, that would be great ... really need this working before Labor Day Weekend, to use VRDpro @ DragonCon ...


Ex-Senior Developer
We don't currently support LPCM audio in a TS file. It's on my list and is likely something I'll add soon, but maybe not before Labor Day.

Althernatively you could convert the files to MPG or MKV before openingin VRD. We support LPCM audio in both of those formats.


Any suggestions on what can be used to do that conversion losslessly?

The number of programs that will even touch something with that audio is very very small.
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