Can't paste into Trim & Copy output field


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I don't know if this is the way it has always been, but it is an issue now.

What I wanted to do was T&C a file and keep the filename, but place it into another location. So, I highlighted the input and tried to paste it in the output field. No luck. The browse button is useless because you can't search for a file that doesn't exist.

I ultimately had to C&P the filename into a Cygwin terminal and edit the line so that I created an empty file in the new location. Then I browsed to that file.

We need to be able to manually place text into the output field and be able to edit it. As mentioned, you can't browse for a file that doesn't exist.


I have always been able to do this without any problems, based on what i think you are explaining here, then again maybe i am reading/understand your question wrong.

I can import a file, cut/trim it, hit the Save Video button, in the Save Video dialog box i select the profile that i want, and the the input file name is already in the Output File box, however it is preceded by a destination location that i had used for a previous output file.

(i don't know why this happens, only to suggest that VRD probably thinks that this new output file will be going back to the same location as the previous output was saved to)

To save the new output file to another location than the input file, just leave the Output File name as it is, CLICK on the Select File button and you will get the Save File dialog box appear, in this box, you will now see your Input File name only in the File Name box, then all you do is browse to the context menu to the left of the Select File box and find the exact location to save your new output file to.

When the output has completed, go to your save location and you will find your new file there, with the same name as your original input source file.

I always place my Source Files in my Videos Folder on C-drive, which is a 512gb TEAM brand PCIe M.2 SSD and i output them onto my Storage D-drive which is another 512gb SSD.
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