Cant use DL discs


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Using TV suite on 15 day trial, very pleased with program until I tried to burn a Dual Layer (DVD-R DL) disc (GSA-20N burner is supposed to handle all formats), the program kept prompting to insert the disc when it was already in the drive. Changed to a DVD+RW (4.7GB)which was recognised , reinserted DL, again no recognition of disc. Any thoughts on why would be welcome


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Sorry couldn't reply sooner (out of town).Thanks for your input, tried Beta V566 but unfortunately still no go with dual layer disc recognition.


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The first thing I would suggest is that you check with the drive manufacturer and see of there is a firmware update available. If there is apply it and try again.

If that doesn't work then download and install this driver... (you must reboot after the install is complete)

Then go into VideoReDo, hold down Shift and click Tools->Options. That will bring up a list of hidden options. Near the bottom there is one called "Burner Protocol", change it to 1 and hit OK. Now try it again, is the disc recognized?



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Have you burned DL discs on that burner with other apps before?

The reason I ask is while I have had a DL burner for a long time, I've never bought DL discs to try it out. I only burn SL discs.
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