Chapters/markers in exported MP4-file are not displayed in QuickTime Player - Only resaving with ffmpeg lets you display them


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When I save a file with chapters/markers as MP4-file with VideoReDo, the chapters cannot be displayed in QuickTime Player afterwards. VLC, however, displays them without any problems.
However, the chapters must be contained in the exported file, since a renewed saving of the file exported by VideoReDo, with ffmpeg lets the chapters appear in QuickTime Player.

Used ffmpeg command: ffmpeg -probesize 50M -analyzeduration 100M -i input.mp4 -map 0:0 -map 0:1 -c:a copy -c:v copy -aspect 16:9 -metadata creation_time=now -sn -y output.mp4

Is it possible to change the behavior in VideoReDo to create correct chapters directly?


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We use ffmpeg for MP4 output in VRD. However we don't use the commanline version, we use the DLLs contained in the ffmpeg project directly. We are setting up the chapters exactly the same way that the ffmpeg.exe does, so there shouldn't be a difference. However we're still using an older version of ffmpeg (v4.2) so if you're testing using a newer build it's possible they've fixed something on their end.

Because we're using the internal APIs directly upgrading to newer builds is a big undertaking. They tend to make a lot of changes to the API with every release, which in turn requires us to change large portions of our code to match the new API. This is not something we can afford to do every time they release an update. We do plan to upgrade to the current version of ffmpeg when v7 of VRD is release, but that's still a ways out.
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