Choosing the right video playback device and calibrating your TV / Beamer


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This a bit off-topic but I thought this might be useful for others when showing off your final footage to friends & family, after editing/converting with VRD.

In the past year, I have tested three different HDMI playback devices:
1. Asus Android tablet with attached USB-HD (via mini-HDMI cable)
2. Fujitsu Win7 Laptop with attached USB-HD (via Sub-D to HDMI cable)
3. Samsung Bluray Player with attached USB-HD (via standard HDMI cable)

Choosing the right playback device with moving images can be cumbersome and subjective.
That’s why I used this standardized FullHD test picture (see below).
The best result achieved on my TV and Beamer (both with FulHD and HDMI capabilities) after calibrating with this test picture was achieved with the Samsung BluRay player for all disciplines like brightness, sharpness and color correctness.
Secondbest: Fujitsu Win7 Laptop
Worst: Asus Android tablet

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