com interface - how to get interface to update


Using the com interface, and vb script, I started up vrd tvsuite 5, loaded a video, and set some scene marks.
That works ok.

If I then do

count = VideoReDo.SceneMarksGetCount()
Wscript.echo( "count " + CStr(count) )

It will say count is 0, but the scene marks are still on the display.

Only after setting another scene mark, e.g. say at position 0, will the
display update to erase the marks that had been removed.

Is this a bug? I'm running

Is there some other way to get the interface to update?


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Probably a display bug with how the marks are drawn. Unfortunately we are no longer updating v5 so no chance this will get fixed. The vast, vast, majority of people who run COM scripts use the silent interface, not the visible one, which is likely why this never got caught while v5 was current. If you want to test in v6, and can duplicate there, I will try to fix it for v6.


Thanks for the reply. I can work around this for now. I'll look at v6 eventually.

There's one other question about COM and interactive, I notice that the summary box doesn't show up after saving output. Is there a way to get that when running COM interactively?

The vast, vast, majority of people who run COM scripts use the silent interface
That's surprising. Perhaps my use may be of interest. My COM app (a tcl/tk program btw) has a gui with buttons and checkboxes etc. to add features not directly supported in VRD - kinda like macros. However, it has to startup VRD via COM - I see no way to "attach" later. Hence, interactive mode.

For example:

I download from a tivo many (6 or more) often consecutive 30 minute court tv shows. I rename them with prefixed counters (x01, x02...) to join them by time order (not alphabetical by title) and then do 1 ad-detective pass on all, which gets about 90% so I need some interactive tweaks. The last one in each consecutive group needs 1 added minute (or the verdict can be lost). Unfortunately, tivo adds that minute for all of them, so I use VRD to remove all but the last one in each group. It is quite tedious to do that manually. But it's easy with a COM program since these cuts are all at minute 30-31 in each show. In order to see my additional cuts better, I clear all the scenemarks before adding the new ones with cuts.

Anyway, I plan on building on this app with additional capabilities over time. I''m surprised that few would use COM for this sort of activity. It is a really cool feature.


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We use it internally, in silent mode, for the batch manager and projects like pyTivo, kmttg and VAP also use it in similar ways but I've never seen anyone use it in interactive mode like you're describing. Sounds cool.
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