DanR has passed away


I checked the post history of "mikla" and almost without exception he winges, whines and complains ... with his attitude in our culture he'd be told to f'off quick smart and have no friends. He seems to be a "keyboard warrior".


My condolences to the family of Dan, i had recently been posting some topics in this forum, and scratching my head as to why everything seemed to be so quiet in regards to VRD, especially not having had any updates in the past 8 months or so, and i wish to thank a poster in my most recent Topic for pointing me to this very sad thread.

I have been using VRD Pro for as long as i can recall, and i saw it grow into what it has become in recent times, and i have to thank Mr Rosen, and dan123 for their tireless work over those many years.

I will be very sad if the Activation server is taken down, because i do not want to be put in a position where by, at 66 years of age, i will have to revert back to what i was using before VRD, or have to find a new alternative to VRD, because i really do hate having to learn new stuff at my age.

VRD did everything that i needed for my editing work, and did it better than anything else that i had used previously, so i just pray that i can get the opportunity to keep using it until the day that i am no longer able to do my video editing work.

I sincerely hope that something good will come from all this, and even if VRD does not continue into the future, i just hope that the activation service remains afloat, or some alternative can be found to allow us to continue using VRD in it's current state.

Cheers everyone........ Glen


I checked the post history of "mikla" and almost without exception he winges, whines and complains ... with his attitude in our culture he'd be told to f'off quick smart and have no friends. He seems to be a "keyboard warrior".
Haven’t you heard? He/she is an AI bot, probably powered by chatgpt or another OpenAI model.


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Je suis affligé d'apprendre, certes tardivement, le décès du créateur de Videoredo TV Suite...
Mes condoléances à la famille...
Je m'interrogeais sur l'absence de mise à jour de ce logiciel depuis quelques mois, bien que la dernière version V6 téléchargée me donne toute satisfaction... D'où ma connexion tardive au forum.

J'apprends donc aussi que cela a impliqué l’arrêt du développement et du support de cette superbe application.
Heureux cependant d'apprendre que le développeur de ce logiciel, qui lui aussi a fait un travail remarquable, a retrouvé un travail.

VideoRedo TV suite est sans équivalent sur le marché. Je l'utilise régulièrement et ai acheté les mises à jour de version depuis des années...
V4, V5, et actuellement la V6...
L'ergonomie, et la stabilité de Videoredo sont remarquables, et sans équivalent à ma connaissance dans sa simplicité d'usage.
L'idéal pour nettoyer les enregistrements TV issus de ma TV box internet en m2ts.
Parfait pour éliminer en quelques clics, et sans ré-encodage complet, les marges d'enregistrement aux extrémités, et des publicités au milieu des films... Et cela en quelques minutes.
A des années lumière dans la simplicité d’utilisation comparé à d'autres logiciels essayés.

Je serai vraiment infirme, si je ne pouvais plus utiliser ma version actuelle, si elle se désactivait...
Qu'en sera il des applications Videoredo actuellement installées et activées?
Possibilité de la transférer sur une machine plus récente?

Ou au contraire est ce que je dois la transférer rapidement, tant que le serveur d'activation fonctionne, sur une machine annexe dédiée en W10 32 bits, destinée uniquement à faire tourner Micrografx Draw et Micrografx Designer, dont l’installeur est en 16bits, et donc non supporté par les OS 64 bits.

Olivier France


I am saddened to learn, albeit belatedly, of the death of the creator of Videoredo TV Suite...
My condolences to the family...
I was wondering about the absence of updates to this software for a few months, although the latest version V6 downloaded gives me complete satisfaction... Hence my late connection to the forum.
So I also learn that this has involved stopping the development and support of this superb application.
Happy, however, to learn that the developer of this software, who also did a remarkable job, has found a new job.

VideoRedo TV suite has no equivalent on the market. I use it regularly and have purchased version updates for years...
V4, V5, and currently V6...

Videoredo's ergonomics and stability are remarkable, and unmatched to my knowledge in its ease of use.
Ideal for cleaning TV recordings from my internet TV box in m2ts or mp4.
Perfect to eliminate in a few clicks, and without complete re-encoding, recording margins at the ends, and advertisements in the middle of films... And that in a few minutes.

At light years in ease of use compared to other software tried.

I would be really crippled if I could no longer use my current version, if it deactivated...
What about currently installed and activated Videoredo apps?
Possible to transfer it in the future to a newer machine?

Or on the contrary do I have to transfer it quickly, as long as the activation server is running, on an annex dedicated machine in W10 32 bits, intended only to run Micrografx Draw and Micrografx Designer, whose installer is in 16 bits, and therefore not supported by 64-bit OS.

(Thanks to google translation)


Yes i too am concerned about future activations of my current and latest version of Pro, especially when rolling over to a new laptop, which i will be doing within the next year.

I hope that we will continue to be updated with this information as time goes by, so we all know exactly what will be happening, and so that we can all plan a new path into the future should VRD ever stop working for us all.



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I am so sorry to learn that Dan passed away. While I never met him, he was very kind to always investigate and respond to my concerns. His software was the best. I will remember him when I select VideoRedo to perform tasks.

Condolences to his family,
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