Differing timelengths


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Hi everyone...

I have a mpeg2 file that I trimmed down to 100gb and ran a quickstream fix, and it plays back in VLC as about 17 hours long and windows sees the file length as 17 hours....I can jump around quite well and it seems to look ok. However, when I bring it into VideoReDo Plus, it comes up as being about an hour and a half long. I can go into scene mode and choose the video i want to keep (which is most of that 90 minutes...) and save it off...and it ends up being 7gb or so.

Any tips out there on how I might be able to troubleshoot why videoredo only sees the first 90 mins or so? Any settings I need to adjust when I go to open this file?




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When you say "trimmed" do you mean you used trim and copy or you edited the file in VIdeoReDo?

How long was the actual original file?
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